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How Do You Learn?


Our online training course uses a combination of learning tools, including:


  • Training videos with full video and audio explanations
  • Training workbooks with exercises
  • Exercise files for you to practice with, and
  • Knowledge reviews with references to the training materials if you need to re-learn.

The courses are divided into sections so you can easily digest small pieces of knowledge at a time. Your learning experience can now fit into your day rather than take a whole day or two. For example, our online Microsoft Excel course is made up of 9 individual courses with their own workbook, training videos and exercise files but they are all included in the one cost for the course. This is equivalent to 3-4 full days of class-based training.

How often have you attended a full day or more of training only to realise that you now need to practice over and over to remember it all. These full days aren't designed with your learning in mind but the logistics of running a training centre. How do we know?

We operated three training centres in Sydney until 2006 and it was the only way to secure the room, book the trainer and pay for all the other costs involved in operating a training centre. We realised that the best way to ensure great quality training was to create our own workbooks and training aids and ensured they were used in the training.

We started creating our own training material in 2000 and by 2006 we realised that online education was the way of the future because it provides students with the flexibility, all the learning tools and ability to access the material on the internet for the rest of their working lives.


How Are You Assessed?


At the end of each course is an assessment task which tests your new-found skills. You have the opportunity to attempt each Knowledge Review three times (we provide tips on where to find the correct information if you get an answer wrong) to help your skills improve.

The assessments are thorough and wide-ranging in scope and cover knowledge taught in the training videos and workbooks as well as providing correct answers for practical tasks. If you get a wrong answer, you are provided with a video reference so you can study up on it.


After Course Resource

When you complete your course you have full access to all training  materials forever. That includes the training videos you’ve used and, most importantly, new training videos and workbooks that we create in the future. LifeTime membership was introduced in January 2011 to give you the confidence of a comprehensive resource after completing your course.




Committed to Online Training Courses


Learning applications such as MYOB and Microsoft Excel in an online environment is one of the best ways to learn. Operating training centres in locations around the Sydney metropolitan area since 1999 has demonstrated to our management team that people will learn when they are ready, rather than fit into a schedule. Online learning (coupled with our Lifetime Membership) also ensures that you will have an ongoing, excellent resource upon entering the workplace. What better way to go over materials and refresh as you need to?  

Educational videos and workbooks provide you with a consistent learning experience everytime. Plus employers are confident with EzyLearn online training courses because we guarantee that you will receive training on every topic — exactly as per the Training Course Outline.  

A study by the US Government in September 2010 revealed many benefits about online learning and one of the findings was that “Online learning can be enhanced by giving learners control of their interactions with media and prompting learner reflection”. Our online training courses give you the ability to:


  1. Control the pace of your learning
  2. Go over difficult topics several times
  3. Start your training at the appropriate skill level
  4. Not have to wait for slow learners or catchup with fast ones  


Very Simple Pricing


Have you been to a course and realised that you are at the wrong skill level? Have you completed a course successfully only to not use your new skills for 6 months? In these situations you have to re-enrol into either the same course again or another course and the workbook is the only thing you have as a resource.  

A common problem for companies sending staff to courses at a training centre is the “Training Needs Analysis” report that finds out what skills the employees have and what they need to know. This process can be lengthy and consumes both the assessor and the student’s (your employee) time.



You Have Everything to Gain

EzyLearn’s Online Training Course come with the Assurance of a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

A report by the United State Education Department in 2010 confirmed that online training was effective for learning and it's often better than face to face training to save money and have the training resources.

We know that each student prefers to learn in a slightly different way. Some like hearing, some like watching and other like doing. Our course contain all three learning methods.

You need to have a good broadband internet access to watch our training videos so we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If there is anything you don't like about the course then just let us know what you didn't like and we'll refund your enrolment fee in full.


Want to learn from the comfort of your home or office, and have lifetime access to the training material, training videos and knowledge reviews?  


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