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Job resumes

A good resume can make all the difference for you getting the job you are looking for.

We have had hundreds of people through our computer training centres who are looking for work and each of them have their own unique personality and skill set. The thing that employers are looking for is "what's in it for them" so, no matter how much of a great person you are, the key concept in your resume should be focussing on the skills you have that can benefit your potential employer.

We had a man come through our Dee Why Centre who had a tremendous philosophy when it came to job hunting and resumes, his name is Henry.


What's in it for me

Henry created (or at least altered) his resume for each company where he was applying for work. He would think carefully about the role he was going for, to try to figure out what the employer was looking for. I must admit at this stage that Henry is a very methodical and meticulous man.

The next impressive thing that Henry did when applying for jobs, was that he would contact the potential employer after sending his resume to make sure that they received it. This was a task that was only making sure that everything arrived as it should have, but in reality, it is another occaision to mention your name and make an impression.


Sell yourself  

The key to remember when you are applying for jobs is that this process is a sales process and whether you like that idea or not, it is not a hard concept to grasp. 


  1. Make sure that the content in your resume is what the potential employer is looking for.
  2. Make sure you followup when you make contact with the client.
  3. Find out as much as you can about the company and the role, and most importantly
  4. Be confident. Not just that you could get this job, but more importantly that you are a good and genuine person, trying to do the best you can.


Creating the resume

The actual creating of a resume you can do yourself, but you do need some skills. The best program to get to know for creating resumes (and it is a good program to know if you are looking for an office job) is Microsoft Word. Call us about the best Microsoft Word course for your skill level. 

Our phone number is 1300 888 869.


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