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The computer Learners online computer software training course includes all the fundamental skills you require to navigate around and use your computer for basic word processing, image editing, file management, understanding windows, basic emailing and web browsing. 

Each course comes with a training workbook filled with exercises that you can practice on your own computer.

Windows, typing and file management beginners Courses

Absolute Beginners (module 101)

OH&S, hardware, software, Turning on & shutting down, mastering Windows, desktop, startbar, short-cuts, using the mouse: double-click, right-click, click & drag, resizing & moving windows, dialog boxes, drop-down lists, scroll bars, display properties, maximise, minimise, restore, starting & using a program and closing it down. Customise your computer.  

Software and Files (module 102)  

Creating a new file (picture) and save files (file names), hard drives and disk drives, menu bar commands, save as, introduction to file management, creating and managing folders, opening files, moving files, file views (detailed, large, small icons etc). Learn to run several programs at once and switch between them and lots more… 

Text editing & keyboard skills (module 103)

Title bars and menu bars, type a letter, text wrapping, moving around text, deleting and inserting text, file types, learn about the keyboard (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc, Tab, Num Lock and lots more) and keyboard shortcuts. Saving files several ways, where to store and what to call files, understand file types. 

File Management (module 104)

Delete files, recycle bin, restore files, Move files from hard disk to disk drive & vice versa. Work with Word, Excel and JPEG image files and programs that can edit then, understand the "path" as you look at folders and sub-folders and different "drives", you’ll create a folder to put your files into and look at several ways of opening files. 

Internet & Email

The Internet (module 105)  

Fundamentals: domain names, following hyperlinks, ISP’s, Webmail, html, Getting connected, Surfing: Going to web sites, temporary Internet file, Back, forward, stop, refresh & home, adding to and organising favourites, using a search engine, history (who has been where), opening multiple windows (save lots of time). 

Email (module 106)  

Email: Customise your screen, Send & receive emails, use coloured stationary, inbox, outbox, sent items folders, reply and forward, the address book, CC, BCC, broadcast to all your friends, managing emails, attaching files, Webmail when travelling & more... 


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