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WordPress - Website Design and SEO

If you operate a business you need to have a domain name and your own website. The longer you have one and the more time to spend putting valuable information on that site and have your customers refer to it the more valuable it will become. 

One of the most popular platforms (Content Management Systems) used to construct professional websites and blogs today is WordPress. WordPress can help you create a professional website and blogging can significantly increase the Page Rank of your website using "in page" Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What's included...  

This course takes you through the basics of how to create your website using a template and progresses through the creation of new pages and renaming of them, plus the creation of submenus within pages (you can have literally hundreds of web pages within your website). 

You'll also learn how to edit the text within various parts of your website and how to insert images (plus understand a bit about image file types and sizes of image files). This section includes the information on how to upload images to your 123ezy hosting.

The layout can be changed completely and you have complete control over it so even if you choose a template you'll learn how to re-arrange it completely. 

Inserting links to other wbsites is simple and this too is covered, along with how to set your website up for Search Engine optimisation. Giving each page a name, description and the keywords that will help people find it. .  

Setting up Email (web server & client)  

Once you have a domain name (like www.ezylearn.com.au) and a 123ezy hosting space, there are many things that you now have the power to do and one of these things is to setup your own email addresses. No more need to call your ISP, you can now do it yourself. 

This module shows you how to set your email address up on the server and allocate a storage quota (which you can change in future) and also how to setup the email address on your email "client" program (like Outlook Express). 

You'll also learn about webmail and how to benefit from it.

This course comes with 1 workbook that you can use to practise on your home computer. 

Mastering WordPress

Understanding the components of a WordPress website, how to get to the administration area and how to login. Once you have logged in get to know about your Website Dashboard and administration area.  

Understand the difference between pages and posts and how WordPress can be used simply as a website management system OR a blog. The Blog functionality can simply allow you to create press releases or news articles for your business.  

Once you understand how pages work you can create as many pages as you like and even structure nested pages which create a drop down menu system. Learn about posts and start creating short articles with tags and categories to improve your google page ranking using on page Search engine optimisation (SEO).  

Learn how to manage the use of images within your website: including header image, images within posts and in other areas of your site.  

Learn how to create hyperlinks to other pages or posts within your website as well as external links and even PDF’s and other downloadable files.  

Using WordPress is similar to using a Word Processing program, but you also have the ability to work in HTML code. This is very handy when you want to get Google Analytical code onto your pages or insert a PayPal button.


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