Induction Training is Most Important for Contractors

Posted on 21. Apr, 2014 by in Induction, Online Induction, Small Business Productivity

In a recent post, we mentioned how our MYOB training courses are like an induction into the role of a bookkeeper; we’ve also written about how to engage your staff with your work, health and safety training material. But induction training doesn’t just deal with the potential safety risks contractors may encounter at your organisation. […]

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Small Business Finances: Should You Start Your Business in the Red?

Posted on 17. Apr, 2014 by in Cert IV Small Business Management, News, Small Business, Small Business Productivity, Work from home

The ‘Plan small business finances module‘ of our Small Business Management Course takes students through the steps to creating a financial plan for their small business. Many small businesses get loans and credit from banks and other finance institutions, but how wise is it to get into debt before the doors to your business are […]

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Small Business is about Doing

Posted on 10. Apr, 2014 by in Cert IV Small Business Management, Cloud Computing, News, Small Business Productivity, Work from home

As Australia’s leading provider of online training courses, we deliver all kinds of different training courses – and we’ve recently branched into providing online induction training courses to business. But where EzyLearn’s flagship course, the MYOB training course, teaches practical skills in using one of the most popular accounting software packages, it is a completely […]

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MYOB: What is an Induction?

Posted on 07. Apr, 2014 by in Bookkeeper and bookkeeping business, Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting, Cloud Computing, MYOB training course, MYOB Training Courses, News, Online Induction, Online MYOB Training Business

The word ‘induction’ has many uses, which can make it rather subjective. It can refer to the time interval between the cause and the first measurable effect in an experiment; it can refer to stimulating the process of childbirth; it can refer to a rite of passage or ritual event, like a Bar of Bat […]

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Discussion Post: How Do You File Your Invoices and Receipts?

Posted on 03. Apr, 2014 by in Bookkeeper and bookkeeping business, Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting, Cloud Computing, Employment, MYOB training course, MYOB Training Courses, News, Online MYOB Training Business, Small Business Productivity

Whether you’re a bookkeeper or business owner, if there’s one thing we probably all have a shared hatred of — it’s filing. Filing is the little task we always put off, until eventually we can’t find anything through the sea of paper and receipts cluttering our offices. This wouldn’t be so bad if filing wasn’t such […]

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Web Analytics: Everything You Thought You Knew About the Web is WRONG!

Posted on 31. Mar, 2014 by in Google Training Course, News, Website and Internet Marketing, Website Design, Websites and Internet Marketing

If you’re an average reader, I’ve got your attention for about 15 seconds, so here goes: many things we’ve been taught about the web are wrong. One of the biggest mistakes – thinking that clicking is the same as reading. Not your average reader? Perhaps I’ve got you a while longer… We’ve mentioned on this blog […]

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‘Commenting’ in Databases

Posted on 28. Mar, 2014 by in Career Support, Employment, Microsoft Excel training course, News, Small Business Productivity

Nearly every company has one – usually as part of their CRM software, but other times it’s just a good ol’ faithful Excel document. Either way, databases are commonplace in a great deal of companies and they’re often used to keep track of communication between staff and their customers. But what’s the rule on commenting […]

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What Kind of Bank Account Do You Need for Your Business?

Posted on 26. Mar, 2014 by in MYOB training course, News, Online MYOB Training Business, Start a business

At EzyLearn, we’re committed to helping students of our MYOB courses gain employment as a MYOB bookkeeper or even start their own bookkeeping business; it’s why we provide you with lifetime access to our MYOB training courses as part of our commitment to continuing professional development. We recently wrote posts about the service, Banklink, (generally used far and wide except by the […]

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It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Mac or PC – We’re Cross-Platform

Posted on 24. Mar, 2014 by in EzyLearn ANSWERS, MYOB Training Courses, News

At EzyLearn we are commonly asked the question, “Can I still take the MYOB training course if I used a Mac computer?”  We’re only too pleased to report that, unlike the Australian Taxation Office — which ignored Mac users for the better part of a decade — at EzyLearn you can use a Mac with […]

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Amway and Multi-Level Marketing at a Glance

Posted on 20. Mar, 2014 by in Bookkeeper and bookkeeping business, Clients, MYOB Job, News

In a previous post we talked about your own online business opportunity and how you can buy EzyLearn enrolment vouchers for our MYOB training courses at wholesale price, that you can then sell on to your own clients and contacts at retail price. We have sold enrolment vouchers to other training organisations for some time, but […]

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WHS Online Training Continued: Enrolment Forms and Exams

Posted on 17. Mar, 2014 by in Employment, Induction, News, Online Induction, Site Induction, Small Business Productivity

In a previous post we provided you with some tips on how to create a video for your work health and safety (WHS) induction training, which can be delivered online using EzyLearn’s learning management system. In this post, we look at handling enrolments and the most important element of all: testing your staff on their […]

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How to Engage Your People in WHS Training

Posted on 14. Mar, 2014 by in Employment, News, Small Business Productivity

We recently wrote about why it’s important for all small businesses to have their work health and safety (WHS) procedures up-to-date, particularly their induction training. Being that EzyLearn is in the learning business, and in particular, the online learning business, we’re able to facilitate your induction training via our learning management system. If you employ […]

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