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Online MYOB training is better than just CD’s or workbooks

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

In the evolution of our online training courses we originally started with a flash based player that operated in our training centres. It was easy to use and accessible on all computers. We then took a look at how to deliver the same consistency of experience using our training videos in your home, an environment that could be completely difference and that we have no control over. At first we thought about CD’s and after trying some different technologies, we came to the realisation that the experience different from user to use and computer to user. Will online learning really be the best way?

One issue that we came across in delivering our courses online was whether customers have a good enough broadband connection to receive the relatively large videos files through to them. The other question we had was how long should students have access to the training materials. In the end, we decided to go as OPEN as we possibly could. We opted to use technology that would enable all students to access the materials, whether they were on a Windows based computer or Mac.

The result is that you can now use our training material for life (no need to try to locate those scratchy CD’s) and you can use a combination of videos (with live demonstrations and audio commentary), Workbooks (with actual exercises you can try) and Knowledge Reviews (to test your skills) and it works on all platforms.

See our online MYOB training course outline.

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