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Can you really setup a VoIP phone system in 5 minutes?

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Sometimes we use this blog to let you know about other projects we are working on and companies that we partner with. Today we share some information about VIRION and their great new phone system for small businesses.

Small Business Phone system using VoIPOur online training courses are a form of “cloud” based service. For example, you can access the MYOB training courses from anywhere in the world using just a username and password. It’s the same for small business phone systems using VoIP technology. You can purchase a small business telephone system for under a thousand dollars, plug it into your broadband internet, configure it in 5 minutes and start making and receiving calls from anywhere.

Best of all you can:

  1. Take your phone number with you when you move
  2. Port your Telstra number across and save a lot of money
  3. Get professional features like voicemail to email and much more.
  4. Save hundreds of dollars per month in call charges

We’re now using virion business grade VoIP and we’re also creating some training videos for them to educate their dealer network. Take a look at a quick and simple training video we created.

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2 thoughts on “Can you really setup a VoIP phone system in 5 minutes?

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