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How Do EzyLearn MYOB Training Courses Really Stack Up?

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Compare us with some of the competition and we think you'll find we stack up pretty well!
Compare us with some of the competition and we think you’ll find we stack up pretty well!

After operating face-to-face training centres right across Sydney for many years, in 2006 we realised that the future of short-course learning was in an online delivery method. Since then, we’ve offered all of our training courses online, including our most popular MYOB course.

There are plenty of reasons for taking an MYOB course. We recently highlighted a case study example of a couple who completed our course to better  manage their business’ books easily and in real-time (and subsequently saw first hand where they were losing money!) or maybe it’s because you’d like to start a remote bookkeeping business.

Where Might You Do Your Online MYOB Training Course?

Whatever your reasons, you need to learn somewhere. But where is the best place to learn MYOB? We compare three of the leading providers with EzyLearn.


Offers a beginner MYOB course via a face-to-face delivery method at two Sydney campuses: Hornsby or Meadowbank.

Attendance: two evenings a week for three weeks (28 hours)

Cost: $450 (GST exempt)

Trainer: Not specified

Certification: TAFE Plus Statement

Extras: None specified

University of Sydney:

Offers a face-to-face training course at their Newtown campus.

Attendance: one evening a week for two weeks (15 hours)

Cost: $490 (GST exempt)

Trainer: MYOB certified consultant

Certification: Certificate of Completion

Extras: free repeat class


Offers an online basic MYOB course, online payroll MYOB course and online advanced MYOB course.

Attendance: 6-8 hours of total work, delivered online. Course must be completed within 60 days

Cost: $220 per course ($660 in total)

Trainer: MYOB Certified Consultant

Certification: Certificate of Completion

Extras: None specified


Offers five MYOB courses that cover all levels and competencies of MYOB for one price.

Attendance: Delivered online, no timeframe to complete course

Cost: $347 (5 full courses + lifetime access) or

$444 (5 full courses + lifetime access + assessment and certificate)

Trainer: Registered BAS agents and experienced MYOB professionals

Certification: Certificate of Completion with Institute of Certified Bookkeepers accredited training provider logo


  • Join the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for FREE,
  • Unlimited repeat courses FREE (go over as many times as you need, when you need),
  • Lifetime access to course content (Including new material),
  • Access to new and updated training video and other content.
  • Several versions included (version 19 and earlier, and version 2011 and later)


We believe we’re the best provider of MYOB courses in the country, because we offer up-to-date content in a flexible delivery method, with access to industry professionals and lifetime access to our course content. If you’ve read this far then get all the details at our website. You won’t be disappointed – we promise! Enrol in our MYOB course today.

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