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Bookkeepers Need to Know All Cloud-Accounting Systems

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MYOB Essentials software continues to evolve rapidly. Our course materials for this training course have been updated in January 2021 to reflect recent changes.…

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GONE ARE THE DAYS when a bookkeeper only needed to know their way around MYOB. Since the internet democratised the accounting software market, abundant MYOB rivals have appeared.

But while there are close to a dozen cloud accounting systems on the market, most bookkeepers — thankfully — will only need to know their way around three: Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. If you’re looking for a course or training resource on these programs we have a combo offer.

MYOB AccountRight, Xero, QuickBooks Online & MYOB Essentials in that order!

Small businesses want choice

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A bookkeeper who limits their cloud accounting knowledge to only one system is doing themselves a disservice. Even if you personally believe Xero or QuickBooks or MYOB is the best cloud accounting system on the market, we live in a world where people are empowered to make informed choices.

If you can’t offer a choice of cloud accounting systems — and give a more thoughtful recommendation as to why they should use a particular one — they will go to a bookkeeper who can, and often because they believe the software company’s marketing campaign more than you; at least until they get to know, like and trust you.

Third party app integration is important

There are a raft of third party apps on the market, each serving different purposes for different businesses and industries. But not all of them integrate with The Big Three cloud accounting systems, and often, MYOB is left out of this conversation because of their hybrid Desktop/Cloud architecture and their bad history in breaking the connection for software that integrates with it in the past. However, I’m sure their MYOB Essentials software will help them stay in contention for cloud accounting integrations going forward.

If a client uses an app that integrates with a cloud accounting program you don’t support, they’re more likely to change their bookkeeper than they are their entire business system.

Be a good adviser and rise above others

Bookkeeper Combo Bonus Courses learn Xero, MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Online TrainingAside from winning business — or making sure your existing clients don’t jump ship — being a good bookkeeper means being a good adviser, too. By being about to talk objectively about the benefits of different systems with your client, they’ll come to view you as a trusted source of information and knowledge.

I consider myself to be a bit of a nerd and then I started to talk to some good bookkeepers in South East Queensland and realised that they too are very confident discussing more than just the accounting software.

By contrast, bookkeepers may be viewed as biased — even if the information they’re providing is correct — if they recommend the only software they specialise in over all others.

EzyLearn Bookkeeping Academy & Career Academy is for Bookkeepers

woman learning xero myob excel online training course videosFor training in all three major accounting systems — Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks — at once, EzyLearn offers a special “Bookkeeper Combo” deal. Alternatively we have all courses separately starting at just $99 each, or the COMPLETE Beginners’ to Advanced All-in-One Option per software program at our main site: 

Recently I also announced our new RTO Partnership that enables existing EzyLearn students to complete their Cert IV in Bookkeeping for just $899.

Visit the EzyLearn website for more information or to enrol.


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