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One thing is essential when you operate a small business with staff — that is your payroll obligations. I wrote about a hairdressing salon owner a few months ago who told me how easy payroll was to manage using a printed timesheet book. However, most tech-savvy people prefer to use software. 

MYOB Essentials is targeting payroll management. They provide a cheap and easy online software package that is preferable for most people to using a manual book or spreadsheet. However, MYOB Essentials is different to MYOB AccountRight.

MYOB Essentials being promoted for Payroll Administration

MYOB Essentials Online Training Course for Payroll Administration, STP and Tax, GST obligationsHave you seen the recent online marketing advertisements for the MYOB Essentials (online accounting) software?

MYOB promotes payroll management from $10 per month for 1 to 4 employees — that is the majority of small businesses in Australia.

This makes sense because it is a pain point for lots of small businesses and the rules are becoming much more onerous and complicated with Single Touch Payroll. 

MYOB Essentials Online Training Courses from $89

MYOB Essentials Payroll Administration Training Course for less than 5 employees and one click complianceAlthough MYOB was a bit of laggard in the online accounting software market, the company has now identified key features that small businesses need.

MYOB has also picked a price point that is much more affordable than the fully-featured Xero Accounting Software. 

Our MYOB Essentials training course mirrors our MYOB AccountRight training course in content. 

If you enrol in our MYOB AccountRight training course you receive MYOB Essentials for free. However, you can also purchase MYOB Essentials ONLY at our online course catalogue website from just $89.

Take advantage of our discounted price while it lasts!

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