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Announcement: Microsoft Excel Training Workbooks Instant Download

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So you want to learn Excel quickly and you’re on a budget? Buy our Excel Beginners’ to Intermediate training workbooks (with exercise files) and start getting a handle on how to master the world’s number one business productivity software program.

I wrote about our processes for creating training courses in a previous blog post and they are exhaustive. I reviewed one of our Excel training workbooks and realised just how finicky you have to be to get the examples just right so that students experience a seamless learning journey. 

Excel Training Workbook Exercise Files

Microsoft-Excel-Training-Course-Workbook-306-exercise-files-1It’s the exercise files that take all the work to create and unlike books like Excel for Dummies our Excel Training Workbooks come with dozens of exercise files that you can download instantly and then use to replicate what’s included in the training workbooks. 

Learn more about the Excel Training exercise files

Beginners to Intermediate Excel Training Workbooks now available

Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Course Manual, Workbook & Practice Exercise files - 303 Calculations & Formatting Cells

We’ve just “dropped” the Beginners to Intermediate Excel Training Workbooks at our online course catalogue and you can get them currently for a discount price here.

If you are wondering why we are not selling the Absolute Beginners to Microsoft Excel training manuals it’s because we GIVE IT AWAY as one of our Free Training course samples

Excel Training Workbooks

More Training Courses for $20 per week

MYOB, Xero, Excel, QuickBooks, Data Entry Courses, Payroll Courses for $20 per week - EzyLearn - smlJust a reminder that we’ve widened the range of accounting and office admin courses that are now available on our $20 per week payment plans because of popular demand. Check them out

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