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About 11 months ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I can use Word, it’s easy! How many times have you heard that? 

When we performed skills assessments for CRS Australia at our Dee Why training Centre we’d have lots of clients come in and tell us how great they were at using Microsoft Word, until we asked them to show us how to perform some of the Intermediate Word skills.

We often found that they’d benefit greatly from the Microsoft Word Beginners Courses because they struggled with these simple concepts.

Main types of formatting using Microsoft Word

There are three fundamental types of formatting:

  • Character formatting
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Page formatting

Don't be sad - Microsoft Word & Data Entry Training Courses from $29 or $20 per week for beginners to advanced CertificateThe difference between characters and paragraphs seems simple, right? A paragraph ends with an Enter (or carriage return) and we all know that don’t we?

I always remember students eyes start to glaze over when we then turned on the Show/Hide button to show them the non-printing characters. 

TABS & Tables in Word

Microsoft Word Training Courses - Insert TablesThese non-printing characters start as spaces and enters and then progress to TABS. If you’re experienced with tabs you’d realise that TABS are paragraph formatting and your whole entire document can be stuffed up if you are not sure how to change any TABS that have been setup on the ruler. 

Tabs and tables are so powerful, yet confusing for many Microsoft Word users that we put these skills into their own Tabs and Tables course to help you come up with a tasks roster for Weekly chores – I love setting these up for my kids 😉 

Working with images in Microsoft Word is fun

Most Microsoft Word students enjoy the images, clipart and drawing subject and why wouldn’t you – it’s interesting and creative and you get to work with your own images if you want to. This Microsoft Word course is great for party invitations, menus (where you want to show your food items) and of course flyers and handouts for your own business. 

When you work with images, the tricky part is understanding how they work with the text (as in ‘inline with text’) or how to get the text to wrap around the images (or in front of, or behind etc). 

Table of Contents and Styles – WOW

Selling Your Property Information Guide 2 - Learn about every person who touches your property before it sells - Table of ContentsThe big eye opener for most students comes when you start to use Styles. Not just because they allow you to apply lots of different types of formatting in one click, but the power of some of those formats such as Heading Style.

When you begin using Heading styles in Word you can then insert a table of contents in a couple clicks. 

The Microsoft Word COMPLETE training package is now available at a discounted price or on our $20 per week course funding option. 

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