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Straighten Up and Fly Right

Straigten up and fly right by Robbie Williams at the Royal Albert Hall - 2023 New Years Resolutions - Learn Bookkeeping skills with EzyLearn

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve and that you are still on track for your New Years resolution (if you like to make one). I had a bigger NYE experience than I anticipated and one of the most interesting comments that someone made to me was their New Years resolution – to Straighten Up and Fly Right.

It got me thinking about how complex our lives are these days and how many things we now have around us that distract us from what is important.

Doing More for Students After Their Course


My New Years thoughts also centred around being authentic and what that means. I was lucky to get to know a few of our past graduates in our Worklife Interview Series. When you work online you get to spend less time travelling and more time with your family but you do miss the interaction with “real” people, face to face.

Interacting with EzyLearn graduates gave me more insight into what happens after students complete their training courses and one of the most popular services we offer is the Course Refresher – It’s a low cost membership that gives students access to EVERY course they have EVER enrolled into with EzyLearn.

There are several other Career Academy services, including the Career Success course which helps students who are going through the job seeking process. This is particularly important if you haven’t applied for work in quite a while!

Career Academy for MYOB & Xero Course Graduates


In the process of updating this blog over the years my team and I have realised that most accounting and office admin jobs are very similar even though they change slowly over time and most of the time this is the result of changes in technology.

The COMPLETE Xero Course includes most of the skills an accounts person needs, even if they are performing fairly advanced accounting tasks. The Xero Integrations training course was designed to give students another resource

Straighten Up & Fly Right

The person that I spoke to at the NYE party mentioned that they had seen and heard about that phrase in The Simpsons but at the time I remember seeing Robbie Williams perform the song in concert and it was fantastic.

The song was originally written by Nat King Cole and later also covered by the Andrews Sisters but the lesson to me was simple. Focus on your core strengths and just do a great job at that.

Over the last couple years our business spent thousands of dollars on different digital marketing platforms, video hosting and telephony solutions and we were spending thousands of dollars a month more than we really needed to. Our resolution this year is to get back to what made us popular when we first went online in 2007.

  1. Create great courses based on real world examples
  2. Include video tutorials, training workbooks and all the training resources that students love
  3. Keep prices low and affordable
  4. Provide accurate support when it is needed

The biggest change for us in this New Year is to focus on what we can do to help students once they have completed their studies. That means to help our graduates

  • find work,
  • get internships,
  • promote their bookkeeping businesses and
  • become more productive.

Have a fantastic 2023!

For your listening pleasure here’s the song performed live

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