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Employment Hero offers $100 if you’ll demo their software

Get $100 Invitation email for attending a demo of Employment Hero - Workforce Management Training Courses

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

A popular and well funded HR and Payroll software company, which is backed by Seek (yes, the employment site) is offering 100 to “qualified” businesses who agree to participate in a demonstration of their software.

This is an example of what companies need to do today to get in front of their prospects in business to business selling. This company is trying quickly and this tactic reminds me of the kind of marketing tactics that PayPal used to massively grow their user base. It looks like the kind of strategy that Peter Thiel writes about in his book Zero to One.

The company I am talking about is Employment Hero and if you haven’t heard much about them you’re going to hear a lot more because they bought KeyPay. If you haven’t heard of KeyPay, it is the Australianised payroll software that manages the Payroll functions in Intuit QuickBooks Online.

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Employment Hero is an Integration that is available for popular online accounting programs like Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online.

Business to Business Digital Marketing Training

I received this invitation for the $100 through a bookkeeping business contact so it appears that Employment Hero wants to attract as many bookkeepers and accountants as possible. This makes sense because if bookkeepers and accountants know about the software they can introduce it to their clients.

Here are the important aspects to consider when exploring if this is the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

  • A list of bookkeeping and accounting firms is compiled
  • An offer is designed to appeal to the target audience
  • A sales letter is drafted that compels the bookkeeper to take action
  • The offer is available to prospects outside their target email list at Employment Hero’s discretion
  • You will need to have a 15 minute phone conversation with a sales representative
  • You’ll need to sit through the demonstration
  • They will learn about your business

The Sales Letter

The letter below has been carefully considered as part of the business to business digital marketing campaign. It is designed to make the reader take action, with incentives for those who do.

$100 Invitation email text for attending a demo of Employment Hero - Workforce Management Training Courses

Rapport & Refine the Presentation

The smart aspects of this kind of business to business digital marketing campaign is that

  1. Accounting and bookkeeping business will remember Employment Hero
  2. Employment Hero have an opportunity to “ping” you many times
  3. The pings will involve email, phone and video and that helps build rapport
  4. There is a compelling offer to commercialise every demonstration

The ultimate aim with any demonstration or presentation is to convert a prospect into a paying customer. We used this approach when I ran our Dee Why training centre when we offered FREE training courses in the early 2000’s. You see this approach to digital marketing when you watch an infomercial – education is offered and at the same time, while you are there, an offer is made that is usually “too hard to refuse” if you are genuinely interested.

You’ll notice that at the same time as the free demonstration and $100 Gift Card you will also receive a discounted offer to use their services for a limited time.

The “sales offers” aspect of this process is aimed at the small percentage of prospects who are willing to take on some new software to manage their HR, Workforce Management and Payroll (particularly now that they own KeyPay). This is usually only about 3% in a typical sales and marketing funnel.

Most attendees, like most website visitors, are just interested in learning more in case they need it in the future. These prospects are now in a sales and marketing pipeline that is used to keep Employment Hero at the front of your mind.

Bookkeepers Need to Know

Bookkeepers are the trusted advisers for many small business owners so it’s logical that they would want to know about Employment Hero. The $100 offer should easily bring them over the line.

from Employment Hero website

Employment Hero has features that are similar to Xero’s Planday (yet to be launched in Australia) that offers significant benefits for anyone involved in the HR and Payroll side of any business.

The Sales Pipeline

A quick look at their website reveals that Employment Hero have packages that suit some very “staff heavy” businesses like childcare. One of the biggest issues they can solve is approving all timesheets within a very short time.

How to engage with customers using Digital Marketing Strategies for small businesses - EzyLearn

Even if you decide not to take advantage of the demonstration offer you will know some of the sales and support people from Employment Hero and have a good sense about whether you think they’ll be able to help you in the future.

A well run company will now massage you along the sales pipeline using a Customer Relationship Management program like Salesforce.

The goal with a CRM program is to keep track of prospects and the stages they are in along the pipeline. The sales manager can use this information to forecast future revenue for the business.

Learn about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a critical task for every business and it doesn’t just mean spending money on Google or Facebook Ads. You’re reading a blog post about software and topics that relate to EzyLearn and the bookkeeping industry. This is just as much a digital marketing strategy as Employment Hero have used to connect with bookkeepers and accountants.

Learn about our Digital Marketing Courses and how the Sales Pipeline works.

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