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Bookkeeping fun? Yeh, nah

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I’ve often wondered why EzyLearn has become best know for MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping courses and about the students who need to do a bookkeeping course to find work. It’s not the most exciting of topics really and most students do a MYOB/Xero course because they HAVE TO, not because they want to.

When we we design the outline and case studies for our courses I’ve tried to have some fun with the accounting aspects of a business. I’m not sure about you but the best part of starting a new business is the beginning when everything is new and shiny!

New Businesses are Interesting

The reason that new businesses are interesting is because we are “interested”. Everyone starting a new business enters an unknown world of possibilities. A world of challenges and a world of hopes that can end up leading to financial freedom and a flexible way to work.

Jerry profile startup course and social media marketing for small business entrepreneur

This is the mentality behind our Advanced Certificate in Xero Cashflow course, where Jerry gets involved in several different business ventures. It’s a typical messy startup where Jerry buys assets, starts new ventures, tries some new things and ultimately has to boil it all down to a set of financials.

As a student you become the bookkeeper that does the data entry and produces the results for Jerry.

What’s most interesting about this Xero Course is that I deliberately chose assets and locations that relate to me and my circumstances. They also relate to the lives of many of our students.

We’ve profiled Jerry as an ex-corporate workers who needs to replace his weekly corporate wage with an income for work he can do at home. This isn’t always easy when you start a business from scratch!

Yes, Bookkeeping is Dry, but..

We’ve also created some interesting characters in our training course scenarios that might give you a little chuckle along the way. Our goal with this is to see the fun side of business administration and bookkeeping because it doesn’t need to be completely boring!

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course cashflow-forecast-charts-reporting-budgets

We all face financial pressures and whether you are a business owner, manager or employee we all need to:

  • find income sources,
  • reduce expenses and
  • ensure that we earn enough to live and
  • have some assets for our retirement.

Bookkeeping just pulls it all together and shows your results in a set of reports and cashflow right now is CRITICAL.

Beginners to Advanced in a Learning Journey

Our MYOB and Xero courses range in price from $49 to $995 and you can enrol into a Beginners course which covers the daily transactions like quoting, invoicing and payments.

EzyLearn Online Training Micro Courses and Stackable Credentials - Excel, Xero, MYOB, Office & Digital Marketing

The Bank Rec, BAS and Payroll courses are all available separately but if you want to learn the lot you can do that in a COMPLETE course. Here’s an explanation about how we stack micro courses and credentials together to create the COMPLETE Courses.

The Advanced Certificate in Xero (is one of 4 Advanced Xero Courses) that I mentioned above brings all of the previous courses together in the last quarter of financials for Jerry’s business.

You’ll combine all the skills you’ve learnt in the beginners and advanced courses in MYOB and Xero and create reports and budgets to help Jerry manage his business better.

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