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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

The most rewarding conversations I have is with EzyLearn graduates who’ve completed our courses and then gone on to manage their finances better or get an accounts job. I’ve been speaking to a lot of EzyLearn students lately and there is a consistent theme in most conversations – “what on earth is going on with the price increases for everything“.

I thought that the Covid-19 era was going to be the most challenging period because of all the disruption to our normal lives. I’m not sure if you have discovered the same but one of the best results was that more people started working from home or negotiated partial work from home arrangements with their employer.

The real disruption of The Pandemic is that we are NOW all paying the price of it with inflation and interest rates!

Have you noticed that you spend less time catching up with friends? Have you noticed that you’re spending more time at work or simply doing work now that you can do it at home?

I’ve loved working from home ever since we became an online only training business in 2007 but there is an unspoken cost of being able to work from homeYOU’RE ALWAYS ON!

Xero has made it easier to work from home

When I was speaking with Amelia Whitaker she mentioned that her husband Steve was spending more time looking at his accounting software because he could do it at any time from his mobile phone – even during holidays when the family was away on a BREAK!


In reality this is FANTASTIC, right? A tradie who is checking his books regularly and knows which clients owe money and how much they owe?

Steve is able to speak with his client directly about the money owed and can take direct responsibility for improving his cashflow without needing to contact Amelia to find our how much is owed.

It’s almost like mobile phones and cloud based accounting are now just like Facebook and social media – addictive ways to spend more time on your phone.

Amelia enrolled into the Complete Xero Training Course with Advanced Certificate

Melissa from South Lake in Perth

Melissa from Perth is a Storage Consultant who performs Business Administration tasks for her employer. There are only 2 staff members at her storage facility which means she is performing more of everything from office administration and accounting.

Melissa is currently enrolled into and working her way through the Online Business Administration Certificate Training Course Package and that gives her the knowledge and confidents to perform these tasks.

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel in online training courses to master MyBudget, debt and expenses

Melissa is working 2 jobs at the moment and she’s finding that she is so stretched between these jobs that she needs to work hard to find time to give her son the attention he deserves. Yes, Melissa is now earning more money and has even won accolades for her business from the national franchise office but she is craving some more time with the people she loves – her family.

Read our popular blog article about the difference between Business Admin and Office Admin jobs, responsibilities and wages.

What’s going on with you?

If you are looking for work because you’re re-entering the workforce after having children or you’re changing careers to find office admin and bookkeeping work give me a call on (02) 9971 0000.

Many of the case studies used in our training courses are from businesses I’ve been involved in. I had to work out lots of different things in these businesses and have used Microsoft Office programs since the late 1990’s!

Steve Slisar helps students learn how to use Xero ACcounting, MYOB, QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, MS Office & Digital Marketing

EzyLearn helps job seekers, career builders, business owners and corporate managers use technology better. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I have spoken to a hugely wide and diverse range of people and recommended the best training courses for their goals.

I’ve created digital marketing strategies, performed corporate presentations and managed teams of sales people as well as office admin and support staff. In a phone call I can better understand your situation and be able to recommend the best training options to help you achieve your goals.

If we haven’t spoken please call me on (02) 9971 0000.

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