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Amazing NEW Update from MYOB

New MYOB training course navigation features in 2024

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Things are moving fast in the software industry as Intuit (QuickBooks), MYOB and Xero compete with each other with regular software updates. It has become so fierce that many students are enrolling into our Bookkeeping Academy Combination courses.

The key frontiers are still

  • automated data entry from bank feeds,
  • capturing receipts and extracting data,
  • faster reconciliation and
  • automatic calculations of taxes owed.

These are some of the features promoted by NAB Bookkeeper for NAB Business banking customers but what is MYOB’s huge announcement?

MYOB announced a new vertical navigation system and are renaming what things are called… Seriously, is that it?

With all the features and tools you can focus on this is it?

Won’t that make things even more confusing for MYOB clients who have to relearn how to use their software all over again!? They’ve got enough to deal with understanding whether they are using MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Business (which was MYOB Essentials)!

The good news for EzyLearn students is that we are already creating a guide so you know how to navigate the software with the FREE MYOB Trials you can use during your course.

Here are some of the name changes:

Old nameNew name
Create invoice paymentRecord invoice payment
Create supplier paymentRecord supplier payment
Manage bank feedsManage bank accounts
Allocate transactionsCategorise transaction
Chart of AccountCategories (Chart of Accounts)
Account codeCategory code
Account nameCategory name
Account NumberCode
Manage linked accountsManage linked categories
In trayUploads
InventoryProducts and services
Customer returnsSales returns and credits
Supplier returnsPurchase returns and debits
Prepare electronic payments (in payroll menu)Prepare wage payments
Categories reports (AccountRight desktop only)Cost centre reports
Categories (AccountRight desktop only)Cost centres

Powerful menu feature

Why is MYOB making these changes

The simple answer seems to be that they think it is better to have software that is easier to use, particularly on a mobile device.

Get office admin and business admin jobs when you learn how to use MYOB and Xero courses

Finally, do you get to choose which interface you want to use?

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