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Which of these jobs do you want?

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

We’ve just updated our Job Outcomes page to showcase some of the jobs that EzyLearn students apply for. Most of our graduates are looking for Office Admin or Business Admin jobs but others want to start their own business.

MYOB and Xero Courses along with Microsoft Office form the foundation software skills required to perform these jobs but one of the most overlooked roles is that of a Receptionist or Customer Service person.


There is a huge responsibility in being a receptionist because in many ways you need to know a lot about various parts of the business and the right employees to refer callers to. Imagine you have just started a receptionist job and you can people calling all day long about accounts, sales, technical issues and how their project is progressing!

Now imagine you are running your own small business as a remote contractoryou have to know it all!

Explore the Job Outcomes page and let me know if you think we should be adding anything to one of the job types.

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