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Advanced Xero Training Course Workbook for Cashflow, Budgeting and ROI is now available for Immediate download

Advanced Certificate in Xero Cash-flow, Reporting, Budgets, ROI and Credit Management

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

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This Advanced Xero training workbook BUNDLE follows on from the BAS course case study of Jerry’s Messy Startup and continues Jerry Lames small business endeavours for The Next Quarter.

You’ll learn how to import transaction data for 3 months of bank statement activity and produce advanced financial reports to learn about and interpret the financial results for his business.

Advanced Certificate in Xero Cash-flow, Reporting, Budgets, ROI and Credit Management

This Advanced Xero Course workbook goes deeper into understanding the financial results of bad business decisions on cashflow and credit management. Many small business owners use all of the money in their bank account because they see it is there and available to them when they can instead chose options that help their cashflow.

Jerry uses digital marketing to find clients for his various businesses and in particular uses HiPages to attract leads. HiPages is a project bidding site just like Airtasker, Bark and ServiceSeeking and this case study looks at whether you are better off getting your own website and using Google Ads to attract people to your business directly.

I’ve written about project bidding websites a few times in the past and am not a huge fan for various reasons. See some of the articles I’ve written about project bidding websites.

Don’t get me wrong, project bidding websites are handy and cheap compared to creating your own website and running Google Ads campaigns but the main winner is the project bidding websites themselves.

Bella interviewed some EzyLearn course graduates and one of the interviews with Jo-Anne, a Registered BAS Agent in Melbourne, revealed a great way to use when you’re starting a bookkeeping business.

In this case study Jerry buys a small warehouse for his business so he doesn’t have to bring clients to his house and we explore alternative ways that this “capital purchase” could have occurred.

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