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Office Admin Courses – GREAT example of when to use online forms


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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I was looking for quotes for end of lease cleaning recently and started sending emails and Facebook messages when one of the replies I received directed me to their online formvery smart!

Rather than ask me questions and wait for replies and sending 10 messages to find out basic information this cleaning company had it all laid out on their online form.

The best part of this is that I had to do all the data entry work and my details went straight into their database and email system!

What I have

I have some photos of a small 1 bedroom apartment that was recently vacated and need an end of lease clean but wasn’t sure what is included in an end of lease clean. What makes it more confusing is that some cleaners

  • charge an hourly rate and different hourly rates for 2 or more cleaners while others
  • promote a fixed price for a 1br unit exit clean.

The pictures I have are of an oven, lights, walls, vanity, shelving and wall hooks for hanging pictures. There is also some dirt on the walls which I am not sure is mould or just dust that is easily wiped away but I know that mould is NOT an issue with that unit.

This website online form had a question for every aspect of the clean and you can do the same with Microsoft Forms.

Collecting Important information

Crystal Wolf Clean Exit Clean for moving in and out of a rental apartment in Newcastle - Office Admin Courses

The most important questions a cleaner needs to ask relate to how many rooms to clean and does it include some “hard” cleaning jobs like external windows, mould or ovens.

Qualifying who needs advanced cleaning or cleaning that can be charged at a different rate is important to make sure a cleaner doesn’t under quote and end up spending too much time at a client site without getting paid for it.

Oven cleans are hard, require strong chemicals and the result may vary so it makes sense to identify if an oven clean is required.

Cleaning pet hair or bugs is another more complicated clean that can be separately quoted and an online form systemises and organises the collection of this important information that a cleaner needs to quote properly.

Office Admin Courses teach you how to use technology to systemise and organise your work and make it easier and faster to access and use information.

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