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Pay today, slip tomorrow

MYOB online training courses and support - Weekly Pay Slip screen shot
MYOB Payroll screen from MYOB website

Did you know that you are required by law to provide a payslip to your employees no later than the day after payday?

We recently completed our new and revised MYOB Payroll online training course as part of our full suite of five online MYOB Training Courses (all available for one price and LIFETIME course access!) and one of the topics we cover is emailing Pay Slips (or payment advices) to employees. As part of the course we reference the FairWork Australia website which clearly states that every employer must ensure that an employee receives their pay slip no later than 1 day after being paid.

The site also goes on to explain more information about what should appear on a payment advice and they even provide some very detailed Microsoft Word templates for Pay Slips, Weekly time and wages records, employment details and leave records (very handy), roster template and time sheet. They are provide in a Microsoft Word format so you can customise them for your own business!

Need to learn Microsoft Word to modify documents? See our online Microsoft Word course outline.

If you are an existing EzyLearn online student you can see our 17 new training videos in the MYOB Payroll Training Course.

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New employees, TFN declarations and ATO requirements

TFN Declaration Form for online MYOB training courses and support including PayrollIt is now READY! The 17 new training video tutorials for our MYOB Payroll Online Training Course are now ready and on the learning site. If you are an existing EzyLearn online MYOB training student you will be happy to hear that all this new content is available to you (if you are a LIFETIME student) right now and at no extra cost.

The new videos cover these topics:

  • 505201 – Create a brand new company file using the MYOB trial version software
  • 505202 – Easy Setup Assistant for MYOB Payroll and Tax tables
  • 505203 – Creating new employee cards and setting up categories
  • 505204 – Extra Payroll settings for employee cards
  • 505205 – Superannuation information for employees
  • 505206 – Processing Payroll – Performing a pay run
  • 505207 – Processing Payroll – Editing and Deleting incorrect pay slips
  • 505208 – Processing Payroll – Editing and Deleting incorrect pays using transaction journal
  • 505209 – Processing Payroll – Understanding Payroll and the Account List
  • 505210 – Processing Payroll – Processing Payment of Payroll Liabilities
  • 505211 – Processing Payroll – Processing Payment of Salary Sacrifice
  • 505212 – Processing Payroll – Setting up a deduction for employees social club
  • 505213 – Processing Payroll – Including deductions for employees social club
  • 505214 – Payroll Reporting – Payroll Summary and Employee Register
  • 505215 – Payroll Reporting – Reconciling your Super, Wages and PAYG Taxes
  • 505216 – Payroll Reporting – Printing of EOY Payment Summaries
  • 505217 – Backing up your MYOB Data file before Closing off the Payroll year

For more information about our online MYOB training courses and student support services feel free to visit our information page. You can also enrol online for the current price and receive lifetime student membership to new training material as it is updated! Enrol today and start by 5pm tomorrow afternoon.

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Certificates are coming shortly

Congratulate all the students who successfully completed their MYOB Bookkeeping courses this quarter, your certificates are now been issued via our support site.

If you are contemplating our online MYOB training course you’ll be very happy to know that the EzyLearn MYOB Course certificate includes the logo for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). We are proud to be an Accredited Training Provider of the ICB and also of their their continuing professional development (CPD) program for bookkeepers. You may also recall that you can join the ICB as an EzyLearn student for free.

Make sure you subscribe to this blog for the pending announcement of our CPD training program for bookkeepers.

In the mean time you might also want to stay tuned for the pending release of our upgraded MYOB Payroll course, Advanced Microsoft Excel courses and updates to our Microsoft Word online training course. We’ll be releasing some free training videos shortly to show you what we’ve done.

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Need help with Payroll and MYOB?

help with MYOB Payroll and Superannuation SG online training course and supportWe use the EzyLearn blog to inform new and existing students about new course content, tips and tricks and free training that we make available from time to time. Today we are announcing the completion of the workbook and training videos for our online MYOB training courses.

Our MYOB Payroll course has been created and you’ll soon be able to learn how to create employee cards, setup the payroll tax tables, choose wage categories, pay benefits, superannuation information, perform a payroll run, send pay slips, generate payroll advice reports, pay your SG liabilities, reconcile your super and wages payments and print out payment summaries.

Although the course has been created we are finalising the knowledge review questions that are used as part of our assessments for students who want a certificate after they complete their MYOB training course.

Did you know that our LIFETIME student membership entitles you to review the training material (including videos and workbooks) for the rest of your working life? This includes new content, so enrol now at today’s prices and have access to MYOB training course content for life!

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming week! IF you are not a subscriber, subscribe here.


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We’re real people, really!

mums returning to work looking for online MYOB and Excel training course to upskill to find workThere are many questions that we get asked each day and one of them is “Can I start the course tonight?” I’m writing this blog to let you know that we are all people at EzyLearn and if you have an urgent need we’ll try to help you.

Rowena called and asked this question today because another company that was advertising an MYOB online training course was experiencing difficulties with the person that manages their online system, they couldn’t even get her enrolled and started!

The good news is that there are several EzyLearn team members that can get you started and using our online training system and we manage the whole process ourselves.

Why is this important? and why do I blog about it? Because we promote “Enrol today and start by 5pm tomorrow”. We actually perform enrolments EVERY DAY and we only make the “5pm next business day” promise as a safety net if we get excessively busy.

We also say that “our online training courses are the best online training offer in Australia” and what this means is that we offer EzyLearn ANSWERS and the Student Community and Tutor Support because we are constantly adding content to our MYOB, Excel and WordPress courses. If you are one of our students and there is a topic you are experiencing that is not covered in our course content, we will commission the relevant expert to create a training guide and make it available to you!

Oh, and have a great Easter long weekend. Remember you can enrol today and start after Easter if you want.

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MYOB Training Course and Support – bank reconciliation

MYOB Training Course - Undo Bank Reconciliations using MYOB version 2011In January 2012 we introduced the Student Community and Tutor Support service and we’re announcing some new training guides that have been placed in the Student Support area.

Bank Reconciliation can be a tricky task to master, and that is before you master the motivation to get started! We have a project in our MYOB Bank Reconciliation course where you have to create a new company file, import accounts and transactions and perform a bank reconciliation. It’s a lot like a real world scenario and it causes some grief for existing students so we added an extra guide to help.

Student Support for online MYOB, Excel and WordPress coursesWe’ve also receive requests in our EzyLearn ANSWER service from students who want help and instructions on how to email invoices using the latest version of MYOB (version 2011) so we have created a guide about how to do it.

Stay tuned for more Student Support Guides over the coming weeks. Enrol to start now and learn at your own pace. Take advantage of LIFETIME student course access and great student support features like EzyLearn ANSWERS and our Student Community and Tutor Support.


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Accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android or iPad?


Accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android or iPad – Square webWhen we first started our computer training centre in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches we used a Merchant Account from the National Australia bank and rented a credit card terminal. In this scenario there was a

  • setup fee,
  • initial deposit,
  • minimum term,
  • monthly fees and
  • transaction fees for every sale.

Plus, if you weren’t a good negotiator you would pay some ridiculous transaction fee on every sale.

Things have come a long way with the recent announcement in Australia by PayPal of their Paypal Here service that turns a smart phone into a credit card processing machine! It’s also very similar to the Square concept that has been available in the US for some time.

You now don’t need a merchant facility with a bank to receive credit card payments from customers. You can get a tiny device that attaches to your smart phone to accept credit card payments and you can just bump smart phones to transfer funds. If you are reading this blog post as an email, click on the heading to get to our blog site and watch the Paypal Video.

Paypal enables you to pay internationally by using a paypal account and that account can be attached to your bank account as well as your credit card so it may become your one payment method. We use Paypal as our payment gateway for course enrolments and as a result students can enrol from all over the world and companies can even pay with an eCheck!

With no setup or monthly fees your business could start accepting credit card payments using its own business paypal account and stay tuned for some new training material for bookkeepers using MYOB to perform bank reconciliations using a Paypal account.

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Send debt collection letters using Microsoft Word from within MYOB

LIFETIME online training course access for MYOB, Excel and WordPressAre you using the Microsoft Word templates that come with MYOB? They are a great way to combine the data in your MYOB accounting software with the layout power of Microsoft Word. It’s also a great way of avoiding the emotions involved in chasing money, particularly if it is long overdue. Using Word Templates with MYOB enable you to maintain a professional, well planned approach to your finances.

This blog post contains a new video that will form part of our MYOB online training course. This course delves into the deeper parts of MYOB using some fancy and very handy features of the software. If you are receiving this blog post via email, make sure to click on the heading to get to our blog site to access the free video.

We won’t go into too much description here as the video speaks for itself, but we want to let you know that this new suite of videos will be available for existing students for no extra charge as part of our LIFETIME online training course access feature we announced in January 2011. If you want to receive our blog posts via email, just subscribe at our blog site.


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Do you have to compete against workers from Bangladesh and The Philippines?

Philippines Remote Workers and Virtual AssistantsHigh Speed Internet, Software as a service, Crowd-sourcing websites, cloud-based services. They are all making it easier for small business owners to hire workers from anywhere in the world for rates that are much lower than Australia’s minimum wage.

I have written several blog posts about these new and exciting developments because they finally give small business owners the ability to hire like many large Australian companies. Finally, your local small business can have a professional logo or website without having to pay thousands of dollars. This might not be a good thing for Australian workers though…

I was interested to read an article about the PURGING of the professions in the Sydney Morning Herald because it highlights the huge issues that might face our workforce in the decades to come. There is one thing that does stand out in all this glum scenario and that is the value of Australian Qualifications, the ability to speak English (with an Australian accent) and the value of Continued Professional Development (CPD) to be current in your knowledge.

Most importantly it is important for Australian workers to be as aware as possible about software that can greatly improve their “productivity” so you can get more done in less time.

If you are not subscribed to this blog you can do so at this link. We have some exciting new announcements and new content for both Advanced Excel and some extra features using the latest version of MYOB AccountRight Plus so stay tuned.

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Why is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) important?

Continuing Professional Development for Bookkeepers- CPD and CPETwenty years ago you could safely complete a degree knowing that your qualifications will fuel your wages (that in turn fuel your lifestyle and desires) for the rest of your life. This is no longer the case. Changes in technology are partly to blame but so too are changes in legislation and workplace practices.

If you are an accountant, working in the finance or medical professions you would know about CPD (also called Continuing Professional Education – CPE). It’s a system of providing education for professionals to keep them up to date with what is going on in their professional and this is particularly important if your profession involves advising your clients.

CPD usually involves training seminars, short courses, watching online webinars and completing assessment tasks and each one of the tasks you complete give you a certain number of points towards your total yearly point requirement. Keeping track of your attendance or the results of an exam you did at the end of completing a short course are some ways of keeping track of these points.

Why do we mention it? Because it going to become VERY important if you want to be a professional bookkeeper.

If you have completed (or plan to complete) an EzyLearn online MYOB Bookkeeping training course you will be reassured by the fact that we are currently working on tools and assessment tasks to providing you with a solution for affordable Continuing Professional Development.

You’ll also be thrilled to hear that as an accredited training provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers our CPD program will provide you with points towards their CPD program.

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Do you need more customers, more people, or more time?

Professional bookkeeper and online WordPress training course and hostingI was going through our EzyLearn blog library of articles today. In doing so, I was reminded that we started blogging back in 2007.

This was one year after we closed our three Sydney-based computer training centres to focus solely on online training courses.

After reading some of the old posts, I again realised just how much work is involved in maintaining a blog!

The Necessity of Blogging

When I analyse the workload of the EzyLearn team members and the hours we spend creating step-by-step training workbooks, training videos, knowledge reviews and assessment tasks, I realise that it is all very necessary.

Back in 2007, blogging wasn’t new. In fact, many people had heard of it but most small businesses (or large ones) weren’t really doing it much.

We at EzyLearn wrote a workbook to teach people how to use WordPress and it highlights one of the most important parts of being a training organisation. This being, to study what is new and understand how it will affect businesses and employees that use technology into the future.

This blog you are reading right now is read by a lot of other people and it highlights:

  1. Our commitment to keeping you informed
  2. The range of skills our team has
  3. The number of customers who come to us as a result of reading this blog

Why Blog?

Why am I talking about this? One of our most popular online courses is the MYOB Bookkeeping Course and a lot of people who complete this course want to start their own business.

These same people are keen to build their customer base enabling them to work their own hours, use their brains and earn a good living.

Having a website with built-in blogging functionality based on the WordPress Content Management System is a fantastic way to tell people what you know and drum up new customers. It enables you to keep in contact with people, keep giving them information with no strings attached, and remain top of mind.

Blogging and “content marketing” just takes a bit of time to learn and then keep up to date, but you’ll end up with more customers and won’t have to pay for Google Adwords! 🙂

Read more about why we do content marketing

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Certificates issued

Institute_of_Certified_Bookkeepers Accredited MYOB Training CourseWe would like to congratulate all the students who successfully completed their course this month, your certificates have now been issued.

If you are contemplating our online MYOB training course you’ll be very happy to know that the certificate includes the logo for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). You may also recall that you can join the ICB as an EzyLearn student for free.

Here are some comments made by students about the course this last month:

The video durations made the course easier to absorb and having to complete assessment question at the end of each video session reinforced the knowledge gained.

– Julie from Mt Isa

Being able to work at your own pace & the ability to go back over anything, at any time. Easy to understand language, with added hints was also very helpfull.

– Maria from Macksville

Easy to understand and follow, Steve’s soothing voice

– Alexandra from Catherine Field

The Video’s are  quick and to the point

– Shauna from Green Point


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EzyLearn MYOB students now get free membership to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Accredited online MYOB training course and support institute of certified bookkeepersIf you are learning MYOB because you want to become a bookkeeper you should know that the bookkeeping industry is undergoing huge changes at the moment and that you need to be aware of these changes.

One of the best ways that any person or company can keep up-to-date with changes in an industry is to participate in continuing professional development training and by joining an industry body. EzyLearn is a member of a number of professional associations including:

  • Australian Institute of Training and Development,
  • Australian Web Industry Association, and the
  • International Coaching Federation

We are also an Accredited Training Provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. This industry group ensures that all industry participants abide by professional standards and we are also thrilled to announce that as of today all EzyLearn MYOB course students are eligible to join the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a student member for free (normally $75)

The forms to access this free student membership have been updated in our learning platform so please feel free to log into your course and get your free membership.

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MYOB training course – *free trial*, start now, money back guarantee

EzyLearn’s MYOB Training Courses are now being used by JOB Network centres, CRS Australia and other employment agencies because:

  • There is a wide range of content (MYOB Setup, Day to Day transactions and bank reconciliations),
  • Students can start straight away,
  • Students can access the training materials any time, day or night,
  • Students can access the training material from their home or office or anywhere with an internet connection, and
  • The training that everyone receives is consistent.

We have begun production of our MYOB Payroll training videos and when the training materials are completed, they will be made available to all students at no extra charge. EzyLearn’s MYOB course: all myob courses rolled into one.

But best of all, we are so confident that students will like our training course that we are now offering a money back guarantee. If, within 7 days, you are not satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back.

Check out our website and tell your friends about us: EzyLearn’s MYOB Training Courses