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Video: Receipts in a Shoebox?

Receipts in a shoebox

Receipts in a shoebox? Shoeboxed Australian websiteI WAS LOOKING in my top draw and noticed some receipts, bundled by the month, with a bull clip holding them together. Do you know someone who also stores their receipts in a shoebox?

I have, of course, now entered them into our MYOB accounting software. However, it begs the question: How many business people do you know who still store their receipts and other paperwork with way?


The legal requirement to file receipts

Every business owner has the legal requirement to keep their accounting records on file even if your receipts are printed on thermal paper and fade after a couple years.

That’s where Shoeboxed could be a very handy service. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bookkeeper making a recommendation to your client, or whether you’re doing it for your own convenience. A service like Shoeboxed provides you with a cheap form of data entry; they do it all for you and provide the information to you online.


Easy and cheap

When you sign up to Shoeboxed, you can send your receipts to them using reply paid envelopes or by taking a photo using their smartphone application.

If you are a bookkeeper you could recommend this service because the cost of data entry is much cheaper than you could do by yourself, plus you could be doing smarter things for the rate you charge.

If you are a small business owner and you store your receipts in a shoebox you should definitely take advantage of their Start Free offer and see just how well it works.


The cost?

Their lite plan costs $19.95 per month for up to 50 receipts, that’s 40c to enter a receipt. How many receipts could you enter per hour and how much do you charge per hour. I’m only presenting the information this way because it makes very good economical sense as well as provide you with a system to store and retrieve your receipts.


Bookkeepers could use it

If you have completed our MYOB Training Courses you’ll learn all about the Day-to-Day transactions in Course 2 (of our 5 courses you receive for one low price) and realise the benefit of letting your bookkeeping clients know about this service.

Learn more about Shoeboxed by watching their video below:

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New look MYOB Certificate

MYOB Certificate for Bookkeeper Training CourseMore and more students turn to us to learn how to use MYOB bookkeeping software to find a new job, start a bookkeeping business or be more effective in their current job. To reflect our focussed committment to help you get that job we have re-designed our MYOB training course certificate.

MYOB Certificate designed to find you work

If you complete an MYOB Training Course with us, and you successfully complete all the knowledge reviews in each course you will received the revamped MYOB Certificate that looks like the image in this blog post.

Our courses are delivered 100% online and in keeping with that our certificates are supplied via our support site to students as a pdf file that you can print yourself. By keeping everything online we are able to combine 5 courses into one, from Setup to BAS and Reporting, for a very low price and provide you with lifetime access to the training resources.

We provided a free training video about Xero online accounting software and this is another part of our commitment to students studying to be MYOB Bookkeepers. Our Bookkeeping Academy is available to all students completing an MYOB training course and it’s our way of helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest in bookkeeping software and services (like cloud based bookkeeping systems).

To see the price for our courses with MYOB Certificate as well as Microsoft Excel and WordPress, visit our enrolment page. Remember that you get all courses for one price and lifetime access. This means that if you enrol now into our MYOB Training Courses you receive

  1. Five (5) courses from Setup, Day-to-Day, Bank Reconciliation, GST, BAS, Reporting and Payroll for
  2. One low price, and
  3. Lifetime Access to the course and updates

Our MYOB Certificate course is currently being updated to version 12 and as an EzyLearn student you have access to this new material for no extra charge! Make sure you subscribe to receive our updates via email.

Excel 2007 training courses and certificateIt’s the same with Microsoft Excel Courses, you receive access to all levels (9 short courses in total) from Excel beginners to advanced users for one price and lifetime access and we have training material for 2000-2003 versions as well as training material for 2007-2010 versions.

Enrol now, or see what is included in the MYOB Courses, Microsoft Excel Courses or WordPress Website Design and Blogging Courses.

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How-To Guides: Writing a killer resume?

Example of a Resume CVIf you are like a lot of students who enrol into our online MYOB and Excel training courses you probably haven’t used your CV in quite a while. I had a situation in 2008 when I needed a CV for a project I was presented with and it was a time consuming task which took a lot longer than I expected.

We’ve been talking to a man who operated his own head-hunting business and he has plenty of experience in not only presenting himself to potential employers, but also as a person who reads resumes, and conducts interviews on a day to day basis.

We also spoke to a professional writer and a rehabilitation consultant and they will share their insights as well as provide tips on how to write the perfect resume, prepare for job interviews, write cover letters and much more. Their team even includes a professional bookkeeper who will share insights about how to find work as a bookkeeper.

These career professionals are team members of our training partners, Workface, and you can read their job seekers blog as well as subscribe so you receive the tips via email.

One of the tid-bits that I can reveal is the importance of personalising every resume so that the recipient feels like you are talking only to them. Subscribe to their blog and get some great job seeking skills.

Want to read other blog posts about resume writing and tips and tricks to find employment?