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Are People Willing to Pay For One-to-One Training?

Why Business People Need a Bookkeeping Trainer

IN ONE-TO-ONE training sessions, your job, as the trainer, is to help your client (the student) achieve their individual goals. This is very different to classroom or group training, where the purpose is to get students through the prescribed course content in the prescribed time.

Now that it’s well-known that nearly every person learns at a different pace to the person sitting next to them, online training has become popular because it allows an individual to learn at their own pace, rather than trying to keep up with the rest of the class.

Online vs. one-to-one training

Online and one-to-one training are similar in many ways. They both allow students to learn at their own pace, to pick and choose which modules they start and end with, and to practice until they feel confident that they’ve learned the content thoroughly.

But one-to-one training provides students with something online training can’t: guidance from an expert. This is important for some people who don’t feel comfortable learning on their own, or who need the added motivation of having a trainer with them.

People will pay for the benefits

women studying accredited training course online in MYOB Quickbooks XeroThe cost of one-to-one training is often justified by the benefit. For businesses, they can get paid faster if their bookkeeper has received in-depth training in MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero; they may win more tenders and save time working on them if their staff have advanced Word skills; have better reporting because their staff have advanced Excel skills; or save hundreds by increasing their productivity through their staff’s use of apps like Google G Suite.

The question for trainers is whether they can make it worthwhile printing out workbooks, driving to their client, finding parking, and spending their time training students in-person.

Combining online and one-to-one training

Some students will only require guidance on certain modules or at certain points during their training. For instance, most people need help getting started with MYOB, but only require help during the advanced modules of Excel. That has a lot to do with each individual person’s soft skills, and experience with the software package in question. (Most people are already very familiar with Excel, for example, but have almost no knowledge of MYOB until they start learning.)

Combining online and one-to-one training is a great way to keep your overheads down as a trainer (printing, petrol, parking costs, etc) and provide your client with an affordable training option that still helps them achieve their goals. EzyLearn online training courses are endorsed and by industry professionals, accountants, bookkeepers and registered BAS agents alike


If you’re an experienced bookkeeper, you can become a training partner: find out how.

The benefits of combining one-to-one training with the structure of an online training course

Tracey-ONeill-Xero-Certified-BAS-Agent-Bookkeeper-for-bookeeping-training-and-consultingI’ve been a Bookkeeper for more than 20 years and find more and more business owners are asking for training because today’s bookkeeping tasks aren’t quite as easy as the software companies make out. Learning how to use bookkeeping software one-to-one combined with an online course is a great way to learn because, as a trainer, I cover all the topics my clients need in a logical order which follows the flow of the course and which will also help them in their daily operations, but clients can also learn what they need to specific to their own situation.”

Tracey O’Neill, Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Pro Advisor


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How You Can Do Your Bit to Address the Australian Skills Shortage

People “who want to learn” are everywhere

in person and one on one training online learning course videos
We offer online courses in everything from accounting software, Microsoft Excel and building websites with WordPress, to social media and starting a small business. Many people want to learn these skills but would prefer to do so with the help of their own trainer.

IN THE EARLY DAYS OF EZYLEARN, I spent most of my time going to people’s homes and teaching them how to use different kinds of software. Sometimes I was just helping them improve their software skills to increase their employability; other times, I would be teaching them brand new skills.

It’s known as ‘in-person’ or ‘one-on-one’ training, and the students who prefer this kind of training, find it very rewarding. Compared with group training in a classroom, students can work at their own pace, have individualised guidance from the trainer, and ultimately get more out of their training.

The benefits of in-person training

Of course, there are pros and cons to in-person training for both the student and the trainer. During the years I spent training students both in the classroom and in a one-on-one setting (these were the pre-internet days!), I determined the main benefits were:

  • As the trainer, you’re paid for your time and ability to determine the student’s needs and goals, and to develop a training program that’ll ensure they succeed.
  • Patience is a virtue — and a prerequisite if you’re going to provide one-on-one training. Students are paying more money to have a trainer modify their training sessions to suit their individual pace, not the pace of the ‘average’ student. If they need more time to move through the coursework, so be it. Be patient and let them learn.
  • Students are happiest when their trainer listens to them, is attentive to their needs, and explains the content in a logical order — without showing off all the things they know.

Students are happiest when their trainer listens to them, is attentive to their needs, and explains content in a logical order — without showing off all the things they know.

You can join EzyLearn as a training partner

As EzyLearn got busier, I had less time to go around training people in their homes, and focused more on classroom training. Over the years, we built up a large amount of training material that helps people learn in a methodical manner, which is why we could move our content online.

Although the demand for group or classroom training has diminished somewhat, there’s still a big demand for one-on-one or in-person training. Our EzyLearn training partners use our online course content to train students and provide in-person training, because the modules are easy-to-follow and contain heaps of practical exercises that use real-world scenarios.


Ask around, you may be surprised at the broad cross-section of people who would be interested in receiving one-on-one or in-person training in one of the many courses we offer online. Learn more about becoming an EzyLearn training partner and the different ways you can earn while others learn! 

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