Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word (module 201)

Get to know the Word screen, Toolbars (turning on and off and moving them), view icons, show/hide and zoom, default settings, browse objects button, Find & Goto, Highlighting text using the mouse, keyboard & selection bar. Drag & drop, insert & delete text, show/hide, carriage returns, recently used file list.

Microsoft Word (module 202)

Automatic and as you type Spelling checking, quick ways to correct mistakes, saving files, text formatting, repeating common commands, character spacing and snazzy text effects, stretching and compressing text, format painter, copy, cut and paste within and between different documents, repeated pasting, collect and paste, undo and redo, print preview toolbar, printing options…

Microsoft Word (module 203)

Working with the ruler, paragraphs and page formatting, left and right indents, hanging indents, orientation, alignment & justification, font formatting, line spacing, bullets, Paragraph and page borders & shading, create professional letters.

Microsoft Word (module 204)

Understand different tab types, default tabs, combing tab key with tab stops, use tabs on the ruler, tabs as paragraph formatting, using and deleting set tabs, set tabs, leaders using the menu bar, create a price list, convert a tabulated pricelist into a table.

Microsoft Word (module 205)

Understanding rows, columns and cells, inserting a table, changing the number of columns or rows, deleting, editing cells, selecting and formatting a table and cells within a table, merging cells, splitting and resizing cells & columns, paragraph formatting like bullets within a cell, borders and shading of a table.

Microsoft Word (module 206)

Inserting & deleting page breaks, inserting symbols, viewing headers & footers, tab formatting in header & footer, inserting page number and file name fields, header and footer toolbar, using existing templates, editing a template, saving the template as a file, the template wizard, creating a letterhead or fax template, converting a document into a template, using your new letterhead template.

Microsoft Word (module 207)

Quickly add / remove buttons from toolbars, put buttons on the toolbar for commonly used commands, use drop caps, insert date button, change the default date format, adding an automatic date to a template, inserting symbols like copyright, registered trademark etc, editing AutoCorrect & AutoText so that Word automatically performs tasks you would normally do, AutoFormat.

Microsoft Word (module 208)

Understanding image files, Inserting images from file, image handles, changing image properties, resizing and positioning images, cropping & rotating and wrapping text around images, brightness and contrast, cropping, set transparent areas, change an image to a watermark or greyscale and put it behind text, compress files, produce a party invitation, WordArt and 3D headings, using gradients and more…

Microsoft Word (module 209)

Inserting a chart in Word, edit and format the chart, how to find clipart, getting images from the net, understanding the clipart organiser, searching for free images on the Internet, text boxes, organisational charts, AutoShapes, arrows, callout boxes, connector lines, changing the order of objects (desktop publishing), select an object that is behind text and more…

Microsoft Word (module 210)

Data & Mail merge: Understand the structure of data, fields & records, forms for easier way of working with data tables, data delimiters, tabs and commas, navigating through records, mail merge basics, form letters, merge fields, working with data sources, other sources of data, previewing merged results, performing the merge…

Microsoft Word (module 211)

Sections, breaks and drawing objects: Understanding how sections work, continuous, column and page break sections, different page formatting for individual pages, make one page print sideways, choosing the number of columns, combining a section of 2 and 3 columns on the one page, making text start at the top of the next column, having different headers and footers for different sections, decide where you want the page numbering to start, inserting reference fields in the header/footer…

Microsoft Word (module 212)

Bookmarks hyperlinks and styles: inserting and naming bookmarks, getting to a bookmark, linking to a bookmark from another part of the document, exploring other places a hyperlink can point to, removing hyperlinks, hyperlink to an email address, using styles to give your document structure, inserting a table of contents, looking at a document map, understanding style formatting

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