Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel (module 301)

The Excel screen including toolbars, formula bar, name box, column and row headings, sheet tabs… uses for Excel (Worksheet, Database & Charting). Getting around a spreadsheet using keyboard & mouse, moving between workbooks. Selecting (or highlighting) cells, columns and rows & entire spreadsheets. Entering information into workbooks and resizing columns.

Microsoft Excel (module 302)

Select cells, columns & rows, range names, select several ranges, drag & drop, cut copy & paste, enter data & edit cells, insert, resize and delete columns, use AutoFit, AutoComplete, create a database, understand hyperlinks in Excel, undo & redo, AutoFill, working with series, series options,

Microsoft Excel (module 303)

Formula basics, formulas keys, enter formulas using keyboard, mouse and arrow keys, AutoSum and function basics, AutoCalculate, Copying formulas & Functions quickly, merging cells, alignment, currency & percentage formatting, borders & shading and indentation, date and number formatting, format painter, AutoFormats, repeating actions quickly

Microsoft Excel (module 304)

Print & page break preview options, changing break positions, orientation, scaling, inserting & deleting page breaks, margins, normal, preset and custom headers and footers, set and clear print area, page printing order, showing titles and gridlines when printing, keep headings on the screen, printing multiple sheets.

Microsoft Excel (module 305)

Charting basics, chart types, data source, chart titles, axis labels, legend, data tables, pie charts, chart wizard, editing charts specifications after it is created, plot area, category and value axis, formatting a chart, have several different types of chart in one, charting multiple ranges, getting a chart into Word, Linking a chart in Word.

Microsoft Excel (module 306)

Working with formulas and functions, using percentage, Functions including average, sum, maximum, minimum and looking at more functions and the syntax of functions, copy formulas & functions & understanding relative & absolute cell references, inserting, viewing and editing comments. Hiding and un-hiding columns and rows.

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