The Perfect Job; the Ideal Employee

And the online training to help you get there I WAS BROWSING THROUGH my contacts on LinkedIn and found an advertisement by a company that was looking to hire people. They were in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) space and their headquarters were in Europe. However,...

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Accounting Software or ERP System?

Are you BIG enough yet? I'VE BEEN IN BUSINESS since my early twenties but it wasn't until my late twenties that I had any clue about how larger companies use and pay for software. I was going through the process of selling a water filter business that I'd been...

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Bookkeepers Losing Out to Accountants

Or is it just BAS Agents who are losing out? The burden on Australian small businesses to stay compliant with the ATO is immense. A lot of that is to do with the government not distinguishing between a small business with upwards of twenty staff, and a micro business...

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Invoice Late and Say Goodbye to 7 Days

Not invoicing quickly sends a message to your clients I MENTIONED IN A previous post about why you should quote and invoice customers on the spot if you can. You’re more likely to get the job or get paid on the spot or pretty soon after if you do and it helps you...

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3 Little Mistakes that Cost Thousands

How tapping into your Smartphone can win you work I RECENTLY WROTE about a Tradie Charging Too Little. In this I covered the four tell-tale signs, as told to me by a tradesperson friend of mine, that your prices are too low. But there are other business mistakes that...

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MYOB Unlimited Offer Not Really Fair

I WAS DOING SOME research about MYOB’s large and confusing product suite recently, when I came across the word “unlimited”, followed by an asterisk. I thought this was odd, since I didn’t think the word “unlimited” required much more explanation — doesn't it, after...

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Do What You Know & Actually Make Money

Many small business owners get lost in thoughts of what they could do or want to do and not what they can do now. DOING WHAT YOU KNOW, and particularly, what you love doing and are passionate about will ensure you earn money and get new clients. Why? How? Because...

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Profitable Businesses Suffer Poor Cashflow

I'VE TALKED ABOUT CASHFLOW on this blog before, particularly as it relates to good credit management processes. This time, however, we’re going to look at how profit differs from cashflow, even though the two are intimately related. There is the perception that a...

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Different Ways to Find Work as a Bookkeeper

How can you earn money from bookkeeping? BAS AGENTS PERFORM MANY of the same tasks as a basic bookkeeper, which includes entering receipts, coding financial transactions and generating invoices, but there is just one key difference: registered BAS agents are allowed...

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Finding Help with Your Bookkeeping

Why you should employ a bookkeeper to help manage the books PERHAPS YOU ARE a small business owner who is trying hard to keep up to speed with your regulatory bookkeeping requirements. But no sooner does one quarter end and another one seems to roll by with the...

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