Xero, MYOB, ERPs and Supply Chain Tools

ERP Specialist Software and People ERPs, or enterprise reporting systems, are divided into three categories or tiers. Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks and other cloud accounting software used by small businesses, sit at the low end of the scale; they’re tier three ERPs. Tier...

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How Accountants Can Remain Competitive

See yourself as a personal trainer — for business ACCOUNTANTS DO GREAT WORK for their clients (so be sure to see our EOFY checklist and our EOFY series of blogs for tax preparation for how to keep 'em happy). Accountants find ways to help them save money, make money,...

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Are Online Payments Right for Your Business?

Getting paid seamlessly, online ANY BUSINESS CAN COME ASUNDER without sound credit management processes. Credit management, in a nutshell, is the process of ensuring your customers pay you on time, every time, of which technology has played a big part. Cloud...

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Bookkeeping Basics: Payroll and Paying People

EOFY is nearly here — can you manage payroll? IN OUR FREE, EDUCATIONAL GUIDE, Bookkeeping Basics, we feature a section that briefly discusses payroll, which we thought was worthy of being expanded upon on here. You might also like to go back and revisit our other blog...

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When a Bookkeeper Isn’t Just a Bookkeeper

Why NOW is the time to become a work-for-yourself bookkeeper THERE ARE UMPTEEN REASONS why starting a bookkeeping business is a great low-cost venture for people looking to take a step back from the corporate world, or even for those looking to do quite the opposite...

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Amazon is Here, But How Do You Get Traffic?

Can you make real money by selling stuff on Amazon? NOW THAT AMAZON has launched in Australia, one of the hottest work-at-home opportunities is to become an Amazon seller, especially if you become part of the “fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program”, which is due to...

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Xero Training Course May 2018 UPDATE

Cloud Accounting Software is CONSTANTLY Updated - SO IS OUR XERO COURSE When I made the decision to convert EzyLearn from a Bricks and Mortar training centre to an online only provider of training courses I realised that we were going to have to get good at: online...

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When It’s Good to Offer Free Bookkeeping Help

Providing an initial consultation free of charge IT'S NEVER REALLY a good idea to work for new client or potential new clients for free, particularly if you’re an established business. But it’s also difficult getting a client to feel comfortable that you’ll do a good...

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TSheets for Independent and Remote Contractors

TSheets is a cost effective way to manage and track your time TSheets, THE TIME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, is a great way for independent and remote contractors to manage their client’s projects. It’s especially useful for contractors who are collaborating remotely with...

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Employer Recognised and Trusted Online Excel, Word, Office, MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online Training Courses

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