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Is this what you look like when you cram for studies? School Holiday CRAM Sale

Holiday Study CRAM sale - EzyLearn - online Xero courses, MYOB courses, Microsoft Office Courses 2024

Most complete courses are now discounted. If you want to learn something new now is the time to take advantage of discounted course fees and still have 12 months to complete your course. See the discounted courses here.

Do you like the featured image for this blog post? It was free and created by Canva’s Artificial Intelligence image generator and is another nail in the coffin for companies like Getty Images – unless you want real pictures of famous people.

Have you tried AI Image Generators?

If you are a LinkedIn member you probably see comments about “prompts” and how to master AI by telling it what to do correctly. I think it’s a bit tiring to be honest because it’s almost like teaching someone how to study or how to give commands.

I’ve yet to use some really impressive AI software. Even Microsoft’s Copilot hasn’t impressed me that much so if you have had a great experience where AI has created something amazing PLEASE reply to this email (if you are a subscriber) and let me know.

What do you want AI Image generators to do?

EzyLearn Office Admin Course student testimonials

What I’d like AI Image generators to do is created a 2 page glossy flier from a long web page – that would be awesome but I haven’t seen it yet.

The other thing I’m keen to try is those Deepfake videos where you can create a video using an Avator and your own words. I’ve seen some impressive ideas but not yet tried it. Again, please let me know if you’ve tried this and created something you love.

I really enjoyed working with Bella when we created our EzyLearn Students Worklife Videos and there is no chance I could imagine an AI Video generator from coming anywhere near doing this kind of work.

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Extra Training with Business Administration Courses

Online Office Administration and Business Administration COMPLETE Training Course Package Logo

I went into great details 2 years ago about the differences between Office Administration and Business Administration, including how much you can expect to earn.

To cater for students who want to find business administration jobs we created the Online Business Admin Course Combination, which includes

  • Data Entry and Microsoft Office Courses,
  • Daily Transaction bookkeeping using Xero and MYOB Courses, and
  • Courses in Payroll Administration using Xero and MYOB.

The Online Business Admin Course is well priced and includes most of the skills you need to perform the work but you also get access to the FREE Student Inclusions shown here.

Office Administration and Business Administration Complete Training Courses Combined

If you have decided to go all the way with your office and business administration skills and/or want an ongoing resource for your work or business I present to you the Office + Business Administration Certificate Course.

This includes all skill levels from beginners to advanced skills in the leading bookkeeping software programs and Microsoft Office – including the Microsoft Forms bonus course.

Enrol into and complete this course and if you join the Bookkeeping Academy we’ll take you on as an intern!

We’ll create an online profile for you to help you get discovered online and pass on leads for bookkeeping work or tutoring clients.

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FREE Courses for Business Owners/Manager who enrol into MYOB & Xero and Excel Courses

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions logo

When you already know some basic office admin skills you can improve your career prospects by upskilling and learning more advanced skills. This is something that YOU have control over and can change. When you choose to learn more about Microsoft Office or Bookkeeping and choose a COMPLETE course package you also get access to the FREE Student Inclusions for Business Owners/Managers.

Business Owners is the term we use for students who are running or managing a business and want to systemise their business as well as become more productive by using more software programs.

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New! Microsoft Forms Course – Pre Launch Discount

Microsoft Forms Training course - Online Form Builder Templates for selling your property in Morisset & Bonnells Bay NSW - EzyLearn Pty Ltd

When I operated training centres in Sydney most of the sales were made by phone. We’d advertise our course in the local paper, highlighting our phone number and encouraging students to call and enrol into a course. It was labour intensive and not that secure when you think that we were taking down students credit card details over the phone.

Then we introduced learning on demand where students could learn any topic they wanted during our opening hours and we introduced our first online form to take enrolments – the results were miraculous. We’ve subsequently made many changes to that form since then.

We didn’t have to be in the office to take enrolments, students could enrol whenever they were ready and we had a central database of all our students and the courses they enrolled into. Best still, this information was all emailed automatically into our Customer Service software system. You can now learn these skills in the Microsoft Forms Course.

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NoCert, saves money

Yes, its true get a NoCERT discount on MYOB, Xero, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) Courses - EzyLearn

Business owners can now get a discount on our MYOB & Xero and Microsoft Office COMPLETE courses if they don’t need a Certificate of Completion.

I recently wrote about the value of Certificates and who really needs one and we’ve discovered that most business owners prefer to focus on getting the knowledge to use their software better AND saving money – that’s why we introduced NoCert discounts.

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Will Intuit Make Much More Money with MailChimp than QuickBooks?

Mailchimp Email Marketing Training Courses - will Intuit make more money than with accounting software - EzyLearn Career Academy

We use Mailchimp for our email marketing and I had to sit down and have a cup of tea after looking at our recent payment! There was no shock increase in costs or monthly fees and in fact everything is working perfectly but I realised how much money MailChimp make as our customer and prospect list grows in size.

Could you imagine paying extra for Xero or MYOB software just because the number of transactions increased? And I don’t mean a couple dollars extra, I mean double the monthly fee!

I also noticed that MailChimp is now already integrated into the QuickBooks Online software for all businesses to access. Here’s what it looks like.

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Deputy, KeyPay, Square Teams, QuickBooks Time Training Course NOW Available


These are the market leading workforce management integrations for rostering, scheduling and time and attendance monitoring. Deputy was one of the first but the major accounting software companies are now snapping them up.

The most interesting story here has been KeyPay. I’ve loved the fact that Intuit partnered with the Australian company KeyPay to provide all of the local Australian payroll functionality in their QuickBooks Online software. Tsheets would also have been in this list but you know what happened to them..

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Payroll Training Courses have been updated again – STP Phase 2 updates

11 STP 2 Portal Step 2 - updated Xero Payroll Training Course - cropped

It’s been an interesting year for employers as they grapple with the changes to Single Touch Payroll. Even the major software companies (Xero springs to mind) have taken longer than expected to implement changes.

I was speaking with a cafe/restaurant owner in the Central Coast recently who was trying to implement Deputy (for staff roster and scheduling) with Xero and was having trouble with the STP Phase 2 component. She mentioned that the issue appeared to be with Deputy but I did some research using ChatGPT and this is what the Artificial Intelligence software told me!

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We’ve just finished some of the “tasks” in our “sprint” to update the Xero Payroll Training Course for STP Phase 2

STP-Phase-2-Xero-Payroll Training Course

Did your eyes glaze over with my last blog post about Huddles and Sprints!? It gets easier to understand with each read and is easy to relate to when you compared it to getting tasks done around the home!

EzyLearn Online Course Updates & Additions for latest versions of Xero, Excel & MYOB courses

Online Accounting software like Xero goes through a continuous update process because they are regularly adding new features that compete against QuickBooks Online and MYOB, but also because the software needs to keep pace with changes in regulation.

That is why we offer our Updates and Additions Service.

There have been regular changes to Single Touch Payroll and that means that Xero have gone through several STP 2 changes too. In this latest case Xero have changed their Payroll screens to adapt to the changing requirements of the ATO with regard to Single Touch Payroll (STP).

You can enrol into our Payroll training courses separately here or see everything that is included in our Xero COMPLETE training course package here.

See our other updates regarding Single Touch Payroll

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6 Months Access to MYOB Business (Essentials) for Training Course Students

MYOB Training Course & Certificate - Accounting & Payroll Advanced Certificate Course - EzyLearn with MYOB Education Partner

One of the most common questions we get asked by students when they enrol into an online course relates to access to the software.

Years ago you could buy the MYOB AccountRight software from Officeworks for $10 and use it forever but online software like Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB Business Essentials are all subscription based and offer a 30 day free trial.

Although 30 days doesn’t seem like a long time if you are enrolled into a MYOB or Xero course that provides 12 months course access, there are ways you can still make VERY good use of these trial periods.

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Payroll Training Course: Employee changes are being tracked


Xero led the way in online cloud accounting software that enables anyone to access their accounting software from anywhere. This means that small business owners, staff and their bookkeeping advisors can all access different parts of the software at anytime to perform their work. A far cry from the clunky way that MYOB AccountRight managed multiple users in an office environment a decade ago.

This amazing flexibility enables contract bookkeepers to perform credit control and end of month bank reconciliation tasks working from home, will office support staff are working on quotes, invoices and payments to suppliers. All of these transactions can add up very quickly and soon you can have hundreds of transactions. What if you had to find something, fix something that was entered incorrectly? That’s when you need an audit trail.

Xero just announced Payroll History and it’s designed to keep track of what happens with your payroll records.

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Microsoft Outlook Training Course is a FREE Student Inclusion!

Microsoft Outlook Training Course for meetings, scheduling, and working as part of a team

Online courses—Who’s got time for that? If you’re saying that right now but you need to up-skill then you can probably use some help from the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

Enrolling in an online Xero and MYOB Training Course to further your career prospects is exciting but it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the demands of work, study and family obligations in an already hectic lifestyle.

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to manage your time, meet your obligations and achieve your goals AND significantly reduce your stress. These valuable skills will help prepare you for life in the workforce or for running your own business, where good time management skills are CRITICAL!

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Cert IV in Bookkeeping Changed to FNS40222 – Study Through EzyLearn’s RTO Partnership

There are many ways to get started with a career in finance and bookkeeping.  For those looking for a nationally recognised qualification, something like a Cert IV is a great way to learn the skills you need to find work or continue in your studies.

The Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping is a national accreditation provided by registered training organisations (RTOs).  It can start you on your way to becoming a registered BAS agent, or prepare you for roles like payroll officer and bookkeeper.  But the qualification has recently been updated!

Here’s what you need to know about the changes:

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Xero Prices Increase By $2 Again But No New Features – Are They Desperate for Cash?

One of Australia’s most popular small business accounting software has upped its pricing again, but with no new major added features for users (like when they included Hubdoc features in a previous hike).

Xero has announced that from September 1, 2022, three of its plans will increase in price, with the smallest increase at $2/month through to a $14/month hike.

So why are Xero prices increasing and what does it mean for users?  Xero has some pretty expensive recent purchases, and their share price is still declining, so could this spell financial troubles for Xero?

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If ANZ Bank Buys MYOB will you EVER need to reconcile again?

One of the more time-consuming and tricky parts of catchup bookkeeping is reconciling your bank account and bank statement – which means going between your accounting software and bank.

In software like MYOB, even if you use bank feeds to import your transactions into your accounting software, you still need to make sure these match your bank’s records.

But what if your accounting software got the information directly from your bank daily?  With ANZ in talks to buy MYOB, here’s what you need to know about where banking and accounting software meet:

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NEW “Bookkeeping Basics” Training Course Covers Beginner Level Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks Online

bookkeeping-basics-training-course-for-Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks online cover-300x201 EzyLearn Bookkeeping Career Academy

Bookkeeping is an essential part of business, not just to keep track of financial activities for the business’ sake, but also to meet obligations from the ATO.  It’s nothing ground-breaking to highlight the importance of bookkeeping, but lots of businesses might start operating without considering the necessity of bookkeeping. 

If you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a background in accounting or bookkeeping, then you’ll want to learn at least the basics quickly – even if you intend to hire accounts staff, it’s great to understand the bookkeeping tasks that need to be completed.

EzyLearn has you covered with out new Bookkeeping Basics Training Course.  Let’s break down how you’ll learn the foundational aspects of bookkeeping with this course:

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