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Sales Tax Simplified With Xero’s TaxJar Integration

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Sales tax might not be high on the list of concerns for Aussie businesses since the introduction of the GST in 2000, but if you’re selling to the US it’s a whole different story. 

The US doesn’t have a GST, so each state (and sometimes locality) has its own sales tax rate – which makes it difficult for online businesses to keep track of what they owe and when its due. 

Whilst Xero organises all your e-commerce sales and transactions into an accounting system, it doesn’t account for how much of your income is money collected from your buyers as sales tax – which is money you must remit to the government. 

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Learning Xero Will Help You Run An Online Business

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Let’s face it, when you can manage your finances from anywhere, using your phone to scan receipts and Xero Accounting to code them and store them in the cloud one of the hardest parts of managing a business is taken care of. 

We’ve all been able to call, text and email from our mobile phones and use online marketing tools like Google Ads and Facebook for social media so when you finally get your back office tasks migrated to the cloud it’s easy right? Well, that’s what the marketing hype says anyway, but things aren’t that rosy really, are they? Continue reading Learning Xero Will Help You Run An Online Business

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Buying an Online Business: What is it worth?

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I’ve been speaking to an ex-corporate employee from the US lately and we were talking about buying an online business. It’s something that I have spoken with people about a lot but it seems to be more relevant now that we’re all stuck at home!

The common words online business buyers and sellers use are “drop shipping”, “affiliate marketing”, and “advertising revenue” and they are synonymous with Google and Amazon. It’s little wonder these companies continue to grow during the Covid19 crisis, but there is lots more to consider.

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