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Tight-As EOFY Sale

Have you found things very tight this financial year? We’ve certainly noticed that students have restricted cash flow and are enrolling into micro courses and even learning just from our training course workbooks.

If you need to learn about office admin and bookkeeping then this is a good time to enrol into an online course or purchase a training workbook for self-paced study.

Explore the discounted Bookkeeping Courses now

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Advanced Payroll Training Workbook BUNDLE NOW available to purchase separately

Xero Advanced Payroll Training Course Workbook BUNDLE on Sale now

I wrote about our case study in the Advanced Payroll Course and now happy to announce that you can buy this training workbook separately.

When you buy one of our Xero Training Workbooks you get them instantly as a downloaded PDF file.

You can print it out and bind it at Officeworks or just open it up on your screen.

You can use the training workbooks on any device including a tablet or mobile phone but it is always easier to work with on a desktop computer or laptop.

Some students prefer to learn using the workbook and performing the practical tasks in them. This Xero Advanced Payroll Course Workbook BUNDLE includes extra training workbooks in

  • Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2) and
  • Processing Termination Payments.

See what EzyLearn course graduates say

Graduates across Australia love EzyLearn course because they are thorough and inexpensive and cover a wide range of skills.

EzyLearn Office Admin Course student testimonials

Watch our video interviews and see what they have to say

How do you learn payroll?

A comprehensive training course and certificate includes many different learning resources, including:

  1. Instructional videos
  2. Practical case studies
  3. Training manuals and workbooks
  4. Assessment questions
  5. Online support

An online course with EzyLearn is more than just a handful of videos of someone speaking to a camera. Our instructional videos actually show you how to perform the tasks performed in our practical case studies.

The case studies are carefully created to teach you by taking you on a learning journey starting with basic beginner level tasks and progressing to more advanced topics later on.

Learn more about how we deliver online courses and support students to learn Payroll

See the Advanced Payroll Course workbook and buy online now.

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Which Course is BEST for Payroll?


Learn Payroll Accounting, earn certificates and learn about Payroll Administration with the Advanced Certificate in Payroll using QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero.

This advanced level online payroll management course will help you learn the necessary skills and enter the payroll sector as a Payroll Officer using all the modern online accounting programs.

Undertake the payroll fundamentals course subject and case study and then progress to the advanced case study covering Single Touch Payroll, Terminations and understanding employment awards.

Learn about the tasks performed by payroll officers and develop in-depth payroll knowledge and receive your payroll certification on completion.

Learn Payroll Officer tasks for hair dressing salon and cafe and restaurant industries

What does a Payroll Officer do?

Payroll Officers are responsible for processing payroll, tax calculations and deductions. This can include creating and modifying the roster and making note of days off and sick days.

They also prepare monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements when working with the company accountant or payroll administrator. In small businesses this role may also include elements of accounts payable and other bookkeeping responsibilities.

Learn about the Payroll Officer Job Role

Flockana Cafe Bookkeeping Course case study for payroll administration job training - low res

Advanced Payroll Training Course Subjects

Payroll gets advanced when you start going a little deeper into the lives of your employees.

Younger staff members under 18 are often keen and willing to learn but also get paid much less. Older workers and parents might be more flexible but may come with obligations to pay child support payments which need to be deducted from their pay.

The issue of rostering, changing shifts and sick days also fill up a lot of time for payroll officers and these tasks and the obligations around them are taught in the Advanced Payroll course case study.

Hiring and firing is a normal part of running a business and although it can be challenging you need to get these steps right. They’ve covered in the Advanced Payroll course case study.

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Jackie was dismissed from employment and received a non-genuine redundancy payment

Termination payments training course - Learn how to use MYOB and Xero for Payroll Administration jobs

Does this sound familiar? What does it mean? Is it fair?

Continue reading Jackie was dismissed from employment and received a non-genuine redundancy payment
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Forms, Forms and more Online Forms!

Creating Forms in the Microsoft Word Intermediate course for Microsoft Office admin training courses - EzyLearn

Do forms frustrate you? I’ve come to learn that forms are critical to organise and systemise a business. They’re an orderly way to collect relevant information for the different admin tasks of a business.

Without forms you’ll have a messy filing system or an Inbox that is so full of confusing information that you’ll spend half your time just looking for thing!

Different uses for online forms

checklist for job interview questions for bookkeepers

We use forms for tasks like:

  • Enrolling into an online course
  • Customer feedback
  • Online course enquiries
  • Surveys
  • Free training course samples
  • Requesting a certificate
  • Joining one of our Career Academy services

When you think about forms the concept is pretty simple really – you just use a program like Microsoft Word to create a form and then hand it to your clients to fill in, right? WRONG

Most forms are completed online these days so you need a specialist form builder that enables you to collect the information from anywhere (usually your website).

Online form builder benefits

Using online forms in your business means you don’t need to do the data entry, your customers do. This makes the information accurate and takes away unnecessary work for your staff – and that is called productivity. It also makes it easier to get that information into other software programs used in your business.

Xero became a massively successful bookkeeping program because of the hundreds of software programs that integrate with it. Learn about some of the popular Xero integrations. Integrations enable information to be shared between different software programs.

Using an Online Form Builder enables you to do the same with information that is collected using your form.

Microsoft Forms Training Course - Build online forms for surveys, orders, opinions etc - Learn with EzyLearn Career Academy

Microsoft Forms is an online form builder that enables you to

  • create forms for anything,
  • embed them into your website and then
  • enable support and admin staff to access this information from anywhere.

The Microsoft Forms course is included for free with the Microsoft Office Academy training course package.

Typical Online Form Scenario

A typical use for online forms is:

  1. Collect customer details
  2. Sending the mobile number to an SMS authentication service
  3. Once authenticated, sending those client details to an email marketing system like MailChimp
  4. Have an email sent to an email support ticketing system (like Zendesk)
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Advanced Payroll Course case study for Flockana Cafe

Flockana Cafe Bookkeeping Course case study for payroll administration job training - low res

I’ve been reviewing our Payroll courses and the practical case studies included in them and thought I’d take the opportunity to share some details about it with you.

The advanced payroll training course topic uses some typical payroll scenarios that go above and beyond the basic payroll tasks in a small business.

Payroll can get messy when it comes down to

  • employment awards,
  • deductions,
  • HECS repayments and
  • other obligations that employers have

In Australia small businesses are agents of the Australian Taxation Office. They act on behalf of the ATO to collect taxes and pay superannuation relating to their employees and these transactions are entered in their bookkeeping systems as liabilities until they are paid.

Learn more about our Advanced Payroll Course Case Study

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Microsoft is pushing McAfee down my throat

McAfee warning on new Microsoft Windows Laptop popping up all the time - Master Microsoft Office online courses

I bought a new laptop recently and one thing is frustrating my like crazy. It’s only a small thing and easy to just click away but how many times do I have to do it!?

The ads for McAfee protection is what I’m talking about and I thought that one click to say “No, thank you” would be enough but it keeps coming up and it looks scary.

Microsoft partner with thousands of companies to leverage their command of the operating system market but how bad can this get? It’s enough that they are pushing their new “same as Chrome” browser to compete with Google Chrome but here are some of the examples that just keep popping up.

Surely new Windows Laptop buyers shouldn’t have to deal with this every day or so!

McAfee warning on new Microsoft Windows Laptop popping up all the time - Master Microsoft Office online courses
First message which appeared on new Windows Laptop from Dell
Last change or Accept the risk
Time is still running out
Another 4 days? Seriously?
How can you be allowed to add the McAfee extension to Google Chrome!!

Maybe it’s Dell I should be complaining about?

The laptop I purchased is a Dell and you can see that McAfee is recommended by Dell in some of these messages.

What you should realise is that I have NEVER clicked anything to say I consent to these message or want to use McAfee but they keep appearing.

The worst part of this saga is that McAfee now appear to have installed itself as an extension in my Google Chrome browser!

If there is a Government body or some organisation that allows you to vote to stop this constant bombarding of advertising messages please let me know because this is just over the top.

We seems to simple go with the notion that we should just accept these ads and just swipe them away but doing so is like swatting flies away around a BBQ in the middle of summer.

Master Microsoft Office with online training courses


Microsoft remains the market leader for office productivity software and their flagship software programs are mandatory skills in most office support and office administration jobs. These programs are:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Word,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and
  • Outlook.

Master them all in our Microsoft Office Academy Course Package. It includes beginners to advanced skills in all these programs and include

  • instructional videos,
  • exercise files to practice with,
  • training workbooks with practical exercises
  • business case studies and scenarios

Discover our Microsoft Office Courses

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Learn Xero Fast with Instant Download

Xero Accounting Training Course Manual & Workbook - Data Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable-sml

More of our popular Xero course training workbooks are now available to purchase separately!

The Xero course workbooks contain the practical tasks that our students love.

EzyLearn Office Admin Course student testimonials

Watch the interviews with our course graduates and you’ll see how some students learn how to use MYOB, Xero and Microsoft Office just by completing the workbook exercises.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to enter the transactions based on our small business case studies and increase confidence and knowledge of the software.

This is a quick and cheap way to learn and by-pass the assessments.

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Xero reveals gaps in it’s own software

Learn how to use Xero and MYOB with online courses

It’s annual report time again and Xero just released their annual results. I always find their annual presentation fascinating because they reveal a lot of visual information about the small business market that they sell to.

Small businesses that employ 1-20 staff are the majority of their users so learning how to use Xero means that these companies will be your employers.

The annual report and presentation also reveal gaps in their software and one interesting one that I’ve written about before is inventory.

Xero has basic inventory for businesses like a telephone sales and support business in our Xero course case study but not for serious retailers.

Master Xero with the Xero Complete training course and find work with small to medium employers.

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Microsoft Excel skills are important this time of year

Microsoft Office Excel Online Advanced Training Course - pivotTables, vlookup, MAtch, nested functions

Are you finding work quiet this time of year? We’ve just been handed down our budget and emails are starting to fly around showing what it means to us.

Its the time of year where we find out how well we’ve done financially. It’s the time of year where workers will see how much they can borrow to buy property in the 2025 financial year and where they need to cut back.

Most of this financial information will be worked out using Microsoft Excel.

Continue reading Microsoft Excel skills are important this time of year
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This is the cheapest way to learn Xero and Microsoft Excel

EzyLearn Online Course Training Manuals and Workbooks for MYOB, Xero, Excel, Office, Word, QuickBooks Online

Most people like to watch some videos about how to use Xero or Excel and then try to replicated it. This works well when exercise files are provided to help you practice. This is particularly important when you get into the Intermediate Excel training where you learn skills like formatting and formulas.

EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies real world scenarios examples for Xero, MYOB, Excel, Digital Marketing Courses

When learning bookkeeping using a program like Xero it’s important to follow along using case studies. Case studies provide a learning journey to help you understand not only how to use Xero but why certain tasks are done.

Xero Accounting Training Course Manual & Workbook - Data Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable-sml

Our Complete Xero Course includes all learning resources and support but not everyone can afford them (even though they are competitively priced for what you get).

If you want to learn Xero and Excel and don’t have a lot of spare money then purchase our training manuals.

The Xero Course for daily transactions and beginners to advanced Excel course workbooks are available for sale separately.

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Tradies are winners in the 2024 budget

Tradies can learn MYOB and Xero to manage their credit, cashflow and GST BAS tax in online courses

Tradies are the critical workers in the Australian property market. They’re responsible for new home builds as well as renovations and extensions. Since Covid they have been in hot demand and one builder I spoke to said he use to advertise and not even get one response since Covid.

They also run some of the most complex businesses and need the help of bookkeeping software like MYOB and Xero, particularly where it relates to Project or Job Tracking.

In the 2024 Australian Federal Budget they got some good news.

Continue reading Tradies are winners in the 2024 budget
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Amazing NEW Update from MYOB

New MYOB training course navigation features in 2024

Things are moving fast in the software industry as Intuit (QuickBooks), MYOB and Xero compete with each other with regular software updates. It has become so fierce that many students are enrolling into our Bookkeeping Academy Combination courses.

The key frontiers are still

  • automated data entry from bank feeds,
  • capturing receipts and extracting data,
  • faster reconciliation and
  • automatic calculations of taxes owed.

These are some of the features promoted by NAB Bookkeeper for NAB Business banking customers but what is MYOB’s huge announcement?

Continue reading Amazing NEW Update from MYOB
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Which of these jobs do you want?

Who cares if you have an Advanced Certificate in MYOB and Xero - Online Xero & MYOB courses with practical tasks - EzyLearn

We’ve just updated our Job Outcomes page to showcase some of the jobs that EzyLearn students apply for. Most of our graduates are looking for Office Admin or Business Admin jobs but others want to start their own business.

MYOB and Xero Courses along with Microsoft Office form the foundation software skills required to perform these jobs but one of the most overlooked roles is that of a Receptionist or Customer Service person.


There is a huge responsibility in being a receptionist because in many ways you need to know a lot about various parts of the business and the right employees to refer callers to. Imagine you have just started a receptionist job and you can people calling all day long about accounts, sales, technical issues and how their project is progressing!

Now imagine you are running your own small business as a remote contractoryou have to know it all!

Explore the Job Outcomes page and let me know if you think we should be adding anything to one of the job types.

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The most common office admin & support jobs

the perfect administrative executive assistant office manager learn online courses training

The most common jobs for office admin and office support require confident knowledge of Microsoft Office and MYOB or Xero for bookkeeping tasks.

The office admin role is the person that connects most of the other business roles, including

  • customer service,
  • sales and
  • accounts.

This means you’ll be speaking to existing clients about the administration tasks involved in their purchase, while also coordinating with other employee of the business to help complete the services.

In the building and trades industry you’ll be helping with paperwork relating to their building project.

Office admin jobs require good communications skills because you may not know the answer to all your clients questions but you are the first person they speak with. You’ll need to correspond with other parts of the business to ensure that the client has the information they need.

Get office admin jobs with basic bookkeeping training

This can include scheduling meetings, allocating meeting rooms and reminding clients and technicians about appointments, most of which is done using Microsoft Outlook.

This role can get even trickier when you are also the person following up for payment! You may need to be nice and friendly to maintain a good client relationship while also being stern and enforcing the business credit management policies.

Combined Office Admin Course and Basic Bookkeeping Training

The office admin training course

The Office Admin Course includes training in Microsoft Office as well as MYOB & Xero Training for daily transactions.

If your employer supplies complex solutions which involve project management and many different milestones one of your first tasks will be to collect information about the customer needs from the sales person and provide them with a quote or tender that is created by an experienced estimator.

Your role might be to convert complex information into a glossy brochure or proposal that makes it easier for the client to understand.

If you are preparing this information for a sales person to present you may also need to condense it into a slideshow presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Read more about Office Admin Job Descriptions and Training Course outcomes

Difference between Office Admin and Business Admin

Office admin courses and business administration training course and qualifications

If you want to climb up the ladder where you work or find a higher paying office admin job you should explore some of the requirements for business administration jobs. This previous blog posts explores actual job ads and requirements for staff.

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Thriday slyps past Xero directly to NAB Bookkeeper trial

NAB Bookkeeper uses Thriday to Fight Xero for tax obligations and reconciling

The one thing I’ve found fascinating in accounting and bookkeeping is watching technology companies try to win clients. I’m not just talking about the special offers, features and pricing but how they use technology to make bookkeeping seamless – to replace some of the bookkeeping tasks!

The most recent event I’ve witnessed is NAB bookkeeper service that has a six month free trial and is $20 per month thereafter. 

NAB, CBA, ANZ and WBC Slyp under Xero to provide smart receipts before Hubdoc gets them - Learn MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks to find accounts jobs - EzyLearn

When you read the fine print it is revealed that Thriday is the technology behind NAB bookkeeper. After a bit more research I discovered that they want to capture a massive part of the micro and small business market by reducing the business administration tasks.

I’ve written in the past about how NAB use Slyp for for smart repeats and this is another example of a technology investment aimed at helping small business owners replace the cost of accounting software and even having to have a bookkeeper. 

Friday is a service that uses technology to combine data entry from transactions with your actual bank account. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses it’s all the data entry involved to reconcile their accounting software like MYOB and Xero to the actual bank statement.

This represents the majority of bookkeeping jobs and can be learnt in our Beginners Certificate in MYOB and Xero.

We are a long way from the majority of businesses using Thriday, Hnry and services like Slyp but with their laser focus to help to eliminate the data entry and time wasting admin tasks and inaccuracies it is good to be aware of these companies and their technology.

The big question now for companies like Xero is can they continue to increase the monthly cost of their subscriptions when services like NAB bookkeeper a targeting the time costs inaccuracies of doing your bookkeeping. 

Perhaps in the future bookkeepers will have to focus on customer service, sales and more of office administration type tasks as well as simply reviewing the data and financial reports and information that are created automatically by services like NAB Bookkeeper.

Is this how artificial intelligence will replace manual labour by Australian bookkeepers