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Can you process Payroll manually? You sure can and the ATO will help you

ATO Weekly tax pay table for BAS & Financial Reporting Training Courses

You don’t need to subscribe to expensive accounting software like Xero if you only have one or two staff members. Business owners have been processing payroll manually for years and these basics are taught in our BAS Course with the Ad hoc payroll spreadsheet.

I was speaking with a hairdressing salon owner last year and she mentioned that she uses the manual weekly pay tables provided by the ATO and a spreadsheet program to pay all her staff.

We use these pay tables to introduce students to the foundation concepts about payroll.

Advanced Certificate in Payroll Training Course includes MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, Square Team, Deputy, TSheets

Every business owner collects GST and taxes on behalf of the ATO from the money they pay their staff. This money is a liability payable to the ATO as part of their quarterly or monthly Business Activity Statements.

As part of the BAS Course you’ll be introduced to the process to enter payroll transactions as journal entries.

It’s a great introduction to basic payroll skills and leads beautifully into the Advanced Certificate in Payroll Courses using QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero.

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Which Course is BEST for Payroll?


Learn Payroll Accounting, earn certificates and learn about Payroll Administration with the Advanced Certificate in Payroll using QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero.

This advanced level online payroll management course will help you learn the necessary skills and enter the payroll sector as a Payroll Officer using all the modern online accounting programs.

Undertake the payroll fundamentals course subject and case study and then progress to the advanced case study covering Single Touch Payroll, Terminations and understanding employment awards.

Learn about the tasks performed by payroll officers and develop in-depth payroll knowledge and receive your payroll certification on completion.

Learn Payroll Officer tasks for hair dressing salon and cafe and restaurant industries

What does a Payroll Officer do?

Payroll Officers are responsible for processing payroll, tax calculations and deductions. This can include creating and modifying the roster and making note of days off and sick days.

They also prepare monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements when working with the company accountant or payroll administrator. In small businesses this role may also include elements of accounts payable and other bookkeeping responsibilities.

Learn about the Payroll Officer Job Role

Flockana Cafe Bookkeeping Course case study for payroll administration job training - low res

Advanced Payroll Training Course Subjects

Payroll gets advanced when you start going a little deeper into the lives of your employees.

Younger staff members under 18 are often keen and willing to learn but also get paid much less. Older workers and parents might be more flexible but may come with obligations to pay child support payments which need to be deducted from their pay.

The issue of rostering, changing shifts and sick days also fill up a lot of time for payroll officers and these tasks and the obligations around them are taught in the Advanced Payroll course case study.

Hiring and firing is a normal part of running a business and although it can be challenging you need to get these steps right. They’ve covered in the Advanced Payroll course case study.

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Jackie was dismissed from employment and received a non-genuine redundancy payment

Termination payments training course - Learn how to use MYOB and Xero for Payroll Administration jobs

Does this sound familiar? What does it mean? Is it fair?

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Advanced Payroll Course case study for Flockana Cafe

Flockana Cafe Bookkeeping Course case study for payroll administration job training - low res

I’ve been reviewing our Payroll courses and the practical case studies included in them and thought I’d take the opportunity to share some details about it with you.

The advanced payroll training course topic uses some typical payroll scenarios that go above and beyond the basic payroll tasks in a small business.

Payroll can get messy when it comes down to

  • employment awards,
  • deductions,
  • HECS repayments and
  • other obligations that employers have

In Australia small businesses are agents of the Australian Taxation Office. They act on behalf of the ATO to collect taxes and pay superannuation relating to their employees and these transactions are entered in their bookkeeping systems as liabilities until they are paid.

Learn more about our Advanced Payroll Course Case Study

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MYOB is better than Xero Payroll for some things

Aussie Timesheets is a Xero Bookkeeping Connected App - MYOB and Xero Courses Online - enrol now, learn fast - EzyLearn

All the marketing messages I hear is how much better Xero is than MYOB but that isn’t always the case.

MYOB and QuickBooks both had more in-build inventory features than Xero but Xero has always promoted their integrations to fill gaps in their core software. I wrote about this several times:


The Integrations for Xero Courses reveals some of the powerful features that other companies do better than the accounting software companies!

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Hairdressing Salon Case Study for Payroll Course using Xero and MYOB

Start a hairdressing business as a hair stylist by renting a chair per day at a salon - Dee at Arndell Blacktown can help - Online Xero Courses for Payroll

Hairdressing salons are all about people, scheduling and gossip. They are located all over the world and are a fascinating place to watch. I had my hair cut the other day by a recently graduated hair dresser and she did a fantastic job with the cut and the conversation.

Hair dressing salons are a simple business insofar as renting a shop, putting in comfy chairs and mirrors and washing bays and then matching a customer with a hair dresser. The biggest issue is scheduling the right number of hair dressers to match the demand from customers, particularly if there are lots of drop ins.

Trim and Styles Hairdressing was using an Excel spreadsheet to manage their staff but now they’re using Xero and here’s why.

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US Xero Competitor Missed $40M in Pay Cheques

US Xero payroll competitor Patriot Offers Advanced Payroll Features - Online Bookkeeping Courses - EzyLearn

This is a tough time for accounting software firms because they’re competing head-to head for new clients at the end of the financial year. Some are offering $1/month for 6 months (like BillCue), 50% discounts, 12 month low monthly rates etc.

The competition is so fierce between accounting software companies that most of them promote what they see as the biggest difference and reason to change.

I was surprised to discover the Xero even compared themselves to Hnry (the full service accounting software, accountant and payment service) at their own website. The more research I do the more comparisons I find at most software company websites.

Some of these software companies are startups with nowhere near the cash of market leaders like Xero & QuickBooks and one of the US based accounting software companies wasn’t able to process $40M in payroll payments in March 2023.

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Business Owners Learn MYOB & Xero with EzyLearn ANSWERS

Many accounts are affected when you pay an employee - Journal Entries - MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Courses - EzyLearn

Business owners who need to learn how to use MYOB and Xero like the added support that is available if they have a question that relates to their own business.

Unlike Job Seekers who choose MYOB and Xero COMPLETE training courses to learn as much as they can about these bookkeeping programs, Business owners often have questions which relate to things they want to resolve in their business.

Most of the questions students have are solved as they progress through the logical order of the courses we’ve created but sometimes things get a little weird.

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Employment Hero offers $100 if you’ll demo their software

Get $100 Invitation email for attending a demo of Employment Hero - Workforce Management Training Courses

A popular and well funded HR and Payroll software company, which is backed by Seek (yes, the employment site) is offering 100 to “qualified” businesses who agree to participate in a demonstration of their software.

This is an example of what companies need to do today to get in front of their prospects in business to business selling. This company is trying quickly and this tactic reminds me of the kind of marketing tactics that PayPal used to massively grow their user base. It looks like the kind of strategy that Peter Thiel writes about in his book Zero to One.

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QuickBooks Payroll brand is changing to Employment Hero

Employment Hero owns KeyPay - workforce management training courses and employee benefits, loyalty and team building - EzyLearn

Intuit revealed the name change to their QuickBooks Payroll customers today as part of an acquisition of KeyPay owner by Employment Hero.

If all that didn’t make sense the only real change here is that KeyPay will be rebranded as Employment Hero. Employment Hero has been around since 2014 and purchased KeyPay owner, Webscale Pty Ltd in 2021.

The messy part of this from my perspective is that Intuit, who owns Tsheets is now depending on Employment Here for their payroll solution. It also means that we now have an Employment Hero training course 🙂

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Deputy, KeyPay, Square Teams, QuickBooks Time Training Course NOW Available


These are the market leading workforce management integrations for rostering, scheduling and time and attendance monitoring. Deputy was one of the first but the major accounting software companies are now snapping them up.

The most interesting story here has been KeyPay. I’ve loved the fact that Intuit partnered with the Australian company KeyPay to provide all of the local Australian payroll functionality in their QuickBooks Online software. Tsheets would also have been in this list but you know what happened to them..

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Payroll Training Courses have been updated again – STP Phase 2 updates

11 STP 2 Portal Step 2 - updated Xero Payroll Training Course - cropped

It’s been an interesting year for employers as they grapple with the changes to Single Touch Payroll. Even the major software companies (Xero springs to mind) have taken longer than expected to implement changes.

I was speaking with a cafe/restaurant owner in the Central Coast recently who was trying to implement Deputy (for staff roster and scheduling) with Xero and was having trouble with the STP Phase 2 component. She mentioned that the issue appeared to be with Deputy but I did some research using ChatGPT and this is what the Artificial Intelligence software told me!

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Micro Courses in Excel, Xero, MYOB from $49, or BUNDLES, COMPLETE Courses and COMBOS

Micro Courses and Stackable Micro Credential by EzyLearn

One of the disciplines I’ve tried to focus on when created online courses in bookkeeping and office admin is to keep the courses short and manageable. When we operated our Sydney training centres we tried to keep class times between 2.5-3 hours because most students can’t concentrate for a whole day.

For the MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Courses this means that students can enrol into short courses, which are now commonly referred to as Micro Courses that cover very specific skills. We’ve recently changed how we show this information using our Learning Orbs.

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We’ve just finished some of the “tasks” in our “sprint” to update the Xero Payroll Training Course for STP Phase 2

STP-Phase-2-Xero-Payroll Training Course

Did your eyes glaze over with my last blog post about Huddles and Sprints!? It gets easier to understand with each read and is easy to relate to when you compared it to getting tasks done around the home!

EzyLearn Online Course Updates & Additions for latest versions of Xero, Excel & MYOB courses

Online Accounting software like Xero goes through a continuous update process because they are regularly adding new features that compete against QuickBooks Online and MYOB, but also because the software needs to keep pace with changes in regulation.

That is why we offer our Updates and Additions Service.

There have been regular changes to Single Touch Payroll and that means that Xero have gone through several STP 2 changes too. In this latest case Xero have changed their Payroll screens to adapt to the changing requirements of the ATO with regard to Single Touch Payroll (STP).

You can enrol into our Payroll training courses separately here or see everything that is included in our Xero COMPLETE training course package here.

See our other updates regarding Single Touch Payroll

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Does it feel like you’re knocking your head against a brick wall and not getting job interviews?

ATS match rates for Job Applications for Accounts job requiring MYOB and Xero skills - the Career Academy for Bookkeeping Certificate graduates from Ezylearn

I was speaking with a job seeker recently and she was telling me that she had applied for hundreds of jobs and tried dozens of employment sites but got NO job interviews. I mentioned to her that the employment rate is very low at the moment and that there is a lot of demand so she might do all right if she keeps trying.

What I copped next was flurry of expletives about how the Government is making up lies and that there are no jobs available. This lady continued to bend my ear until I had to excuse myself politely.

The problem that most people have with the Job Application Process is that they’re not practiced at it. There is a method and process to follow when applying for jobs and if you approach it with desperation or you get frustrated you lose sight of how you come across to the employer.

The employer is simply following a process to find the best potential job applicant and they want to make sure they get it right. Need help in the job search and application process? That’s where the Career Academy from EzyLearn come in.

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6 Months Access to MYOB Business (Essentials) for Training Course Students

MYOB Training Course & Certificate - Accounting & Payroll Advanced Certificate Course - EzyLearn with MYOB Education Partner

One of the most common questions we get asked by students when they enrol into an online course relates to access to the software.

Years ago you could buy the MYOB AccountRight software from Officeworks for $10 and use it forever but online software like Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB Business Essentials are all subscription based and offer a 30 day free trial.

Although 30 days doesn’t seem like a long time if you are enrolled into a MYOB or Xero course that provides 12 months course access, there are ways you can still make VERY good use of these trial periods.

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