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Blind man and smart trainer help people learn

Most blog posts we write at this website provide information about the computer training tools we develop, but this post is dedicated to two people that we have worked with and love for what they do for the people around them. Both of these people work in the education and training market and come highly recommended to anyone seeking their services.

Ross Miller is blind and has been for much of his life. He’s intelligent and dedicated and travels around Sydney and Australia helping people who are injured at work gain the skills they need to perform and find new jobs. It is an inspiration to work with Ross because despite his seeing disability he is pro-active in every aspect of helping find his clients work. His website is

The lady that we’d like to thank is Barbara Smith from Roving Trainer. Barbara worked at our first training centre that opened in Dee Why in the year 2000 and helped build a professionalreputation for a very small business at the time. Coming from a corporate training background, Barbara added a level of professionalism that all her students enjoyed and empathy that ensured her students learnt. Barbara is now training people in sunny Port Macquarie so please look her up if you need help in that area.

There are plenty of other people that we’d like to thank and you’ll hear about their story in the coming months. If you have had a success story using EzyLearn training courses or a someone who recommended us, please make a comment or send us an email.

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Upgrading the MYOB data file for MYOB AccountRight Plus 19

You can’t have your old data file in the location where you’d like to put it. In AccountRight Plus 19 (the upgarde for MYOB Accounting Plus v18.5) the folder where all the files are stored is located at C:\Plus19.

The Training_Company exercise file used in our MYOB Bank Reconciliation course (#503) uses a datafile created in MYOB Accounting Plus v18 so it needs to be upgraded if you have downloaded the latest version. You can upgrade the file using the special program (found under the start menu) or by simply trying to open the file using the program.

This video takes you through the upgrade process. Click Here to see the elearning website, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the topics covered in MYOB Bank Reconciliation 503. If you wish to enrol into the course you can enrol at the website mentioned above of visit our online ordering site for online courses by clicking here.

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Live Help available for Online MYOB Course

Learning online is now even better with Live Help. Now, if you are enrolled into and working your way through exercises in the workbooks you can access live help.

Accessing Live Help is simple:

  1. Locate the live help screen,
  2. Click where it says “type here”,
  3. Type your question and press Enter.

Our online support will see your message and reply with an answer to help you with your workbook inquiry. “Learning a new program is hard enough, but live help relieves some of the frustration” says Steve Slisar, EzyLearn Managing Director.

Live help is also available for pre sales enquiries, so feel free to use it now before you start your course and see how helpful it is for yourself.

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Sell online computer courses as a business

Ezylearn has just announced plans to explore trainingagencies across Australia for companies who wish to provide it’s online training courses to their clients. It will be simple for agents to place orders online for their clients, they will be invoiced for the enrolments they enter and will take payment directly from the agent.

This allows companies in the computing and employment markets to earn extra money while providing a service to their client base, says Steve Slisar, EzyLearn Pty Ltd managing director.

If you operate an employment business, computer shop, accounting practise or have a client base you think are willing to learn Microsoft Office applications and MYOB accounting software online, please send an email to Steve at

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Advertise on EzyLearn Computer Training websites

Are your customer the kind of people who want to learn about computer software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MYOB Accounting software? EzyLearn owns a well planned and designed suite of websites which cater to this market. We call it our website real estate, and it gets some fantastic traffic.

EzyLearn is exploring the possibility of working with advertising partners in the recruitment, job seekers market place. PageRank is a Google metric that’s designed to show you the perceived value of a website, it accumulates a range of visitor statistics into one single ranking number. Google PageRank statistics include: number of first time visitors, returning visitors, time spent on the site, number of pages visited and much more, and if you download the Google Toolbar you can see the Google PageRank for every page you visit.

A number of our computer software training websites and website pages have grown to a Google PageRank of 4 and for selected keywords and phrases they appear in the first page of results. Some good examples are and The FreeComputerTraining website is our most successful website in terms of traffic with over 55,000 unique visitors in the past 12 months. This website is used by many job network agencies across Australia as a free learning resource for those looking for employment across Australia.

If your business offers a service aimed at the needs of those who are seeking employment and are taking the making an effort to learn and improve themselves, this website may be an ideal place to put your display advertisement.

Any interested parties should send an email to online manager Richard Dabba at

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More free Microsoft Word online course videos

The successful and popular online computer training website from EzyLearn Pty Ltd attracts over 700 visits per month from students all over Australia and the rest of the world who want to learn how to use Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MYOB accounting setup. The website also includes training on the 123ezy website design and hosting solution for small business.

Today it has been announced that the 2nd of 12 EzyLearn modules in the Microsoft Word online courses, module 202, is now available to members of the public for free. Microsoft Word online course 202 contains training videos and a workbook with exercise files on how to format text with different fonts, font styles, colours and fantastic tools like format painter, which allow you to duplicate formatting from one part of your Microsoft Word document to another part or a completely different document.

EzyLearn’s Microsoft Word online course 202 includes training on page formatting so you to control how your page looks when it is printed, print portrait or landscape, change your margins and even change your default settings for future uses of the program.

Registration for enrolment as a student at is free and automatic so you can get registered and start learning now.

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A money back guarantee means that if you aren’t satisfied with what you learn at our online course, then you receive a full refund. We asked ourselves “Do people like to learn this way… with online videos?”, then we thought lets give students every reason to try our MYOB course…If we offer free automatic student registration, access to 20 free videos and then a refund if you don’t like what you see, there’s really every reason to give it a go.We took a look at the pricing for most of the other websites offering MYOB courses and most of then charge a lot more, operate on a schedule (so you can’t start whenever you want) and then after the course there are no videos to reference on an ongoing basis.Here are some links that take you straight to certain videos at our website. You just need to ensure you have a free student account and you should be able to watch the videos.* Purchases: receive money and pay bills* How to find transactions in MYOB* Create customer and supplier cards in the MYOB Card file are 17 more videos that you can watch for free, and hundreds more when you enrol. Best of all, you can access these videos for 12 months as often as you need.Please feel free to post a reply to this post with your comments. I hope you like what we’ve created for you.

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Follow EzyLearn on Twitter

Yes, I have to admit it… we’ve joined the bandwagon… Everyone seems to be talking about it and espousing the benefits and I guess we all have to give it a go.

Please feel free to join us at and stay in touch with what’s going on.

EzyLearn: Watch. Learn. Earn.

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Find a job with MYOB accounting software skills

With the financial crisis firmly upon us the employment landscape has changed significantly. The sad reality that we can plainly see is that large companies are reducing staff numbers at all levels including management significantly due to lack of demand for their products. This is leaving both unskilled as well as management staff without income and in a situation where they need to find employment elsewhere or start their own business. It is important at all levels to retrain and upskill to make themselves competitive.Those ex-managers left looking for work may decide it is long overdue for them to start their own business, work their own hours and potentially make lots more money. They’ll need MYOB to run their own business. Even if they employ someone to run their accounts, it is important that they understand parts of the system to be able to use the valueable accounting data available to them.

Employees who need to find another job, mainly if the new job is in an office or office admin environment, will need to know MYOB accounting software as well as other office applications like Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. Why do employees need to know about these software programs these days? Having skills using computer software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and accounting software like MYOB are critical for employees in todays employment market because it sets them apart from their competitors, other job applicants.

Whereas many companies used to train staff up, it is expected these days to have the skills before you even start working with the company. Sometimes when job applicants apply for jobs they are asked about their Excel and MYOB skills only to find that after they receive the job that they didn’t need the software or only started to need it after 3-6 months of work. If they completed a course just to have the skills, it is often the case where they need to do another course as a refresher. This is where EzyLearn is different. 

EzyLearn is flexible training at your own pace and in your own place. is an online training site that uses EzyLearn content to provide flexible MYOB courses to those who want to know how to set up an MYOB accounting file from scratch or those who need to use it on a day to day basis. It’s completed online and at your own pace, but best of all you receive a certificate after completing the assessment task and have 12 months access to the training material if you forget things or need to focus on new skills during the year.

Check out the website at and trial the free videos to see if you can learn this way. 

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Buy MYOB Software and get 5 hours free training

Get everything in one purchase and we organise the shipping directly to you from MYOB Australia Ltd. As an MYOB reseller, we don’t hold stock, but simply organise your MYOB software to go straight from the MYOB Warehouse to you. Continue reading Buy MYOB Software and get 5 hours free training

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MYOB training course from $39

Why would you travel to a training centre, spend a day of your time and cram the information into your brain, when you can watch the EzyLearn MYOB training course videos over and over as many times as you want for a fraction of the price! The MYOB online training courses are available at at more than 50% off their normal prices, PLUS, if you purchase the MYOB accounting software from us (Accounting Plus version), we’ll give you the training for free!Best of all, you can watch 20 videos for free, just to see if you like our training style. So, what are you waiting for? Register for free and watch videos for free and if you like what you see, enrol for over 50% discount. 

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$30 per year is a great number for your telephone

The days of paying Telstra (or even Optus) charging exorbitant amounts per month for line rental and high call costs are over. There are new companies popping up every day in Australia who can help you save a lot of money in your phone calls. The biggest savings I have discovered recently are the costs to national phone numbers and mobiles. These calls are measured in 30 sec intervals by mobile carrier to make them look attractive, plus they have what they call a flagfall (cost to get the call connected). Not so with most VoIP providers.

The VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone company that I use is MyNetFone and I am on their smallest plan. It is such a small plan that there is no monthly fee, it’s almost like a PrePaid Service. If you already have a broadband service you can purchase a VoIP phone adapter for less than $60 and take advantage of no monthly costs, untimed national calls for 12.5c and calls to mobile at 27c per minute (not per 30 seconds). Here is a list of the different plans that are made available by MyNetFone:

A great feature of this service is that you can have voicemails emailed to your email address and open them as an audio attachment, you can get a DID (Direct In Dial) number for any and every state of the year for only $30 each. You can sound like a national company and have all your calls answer in one place (even calls from New Zealand).

Finally, you can check on every single call that you have made for the last year or more. I checked back to April last year which is when I started using the service and every single call out that I made on the service was listed with the person I called and how much the call cost!

Maybe things will change as the company gets bigger, but this is some of the great news that is coming from the telecommunications industry with the advent of VoIP.

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Sketch your own website banner

Want to have better looking graphics on your website? Now you can do it yourself with a great website that helps you create banners for your website.

This website is just like an image editing program, but it’s on the Internet rather that installed on your own computer. This means that you can access and use it for free from anywhere. This website is indicative of the growing trend of software applications that you can use on the Internet. They call this type of application “Software As a Service” and it seems to be the way that all programs are going because the owner of the program has complete control of usage.

I hope I didn’t go off track then, but I find “Software As a Service” a very interesting business model… It’s like hotmail, gmail and most online applications, in that you are offered something for free for a while and then when you realise just how valuable it is in your daily life. It starts to become important and (most interestingly) valuable to you and it’s probably at that point when the industry will reach the stage (that they are touting will come), the stage where these “valuable” service become “paid for” services.

Anyway, back on track, the good news it that these services are currently free so get to know them, learn how to use this type of program and get some better results on your website.

The website that I’m talking about it

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment 🙂 Steve

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Sell in the US – no warehousing or shipping

Have you heard about “Drop Shipping”? It is used to describe the process of YOU selling a product without having to buy it first, store it or deliver it, and some people are making thousands and thousand of dollars doing it.

The concept has been around in the US for years and although it sounds simple, you are best to know a little bit about the products you sell. Why? Because you will be the person that customer call if there is a problem…. you are the middle man 🙂 Continue reading Sell in the US – no warehousing or shipping

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Want to use bigger words in your letters and correspondence?

Have you ever wondered how people get to know about new big words? These big words are almost like a tool, used in the daily grind of work and communication with other humans and they can often lift the status of the person wielding the words. But now it is easier than you think to do it yourself.

Do you work at a computer each day? Well, you have instant access to, don’t you and then when someone says that you are being supine in your approach to learning new big words, you can ask them not to be so pejorative, but to leave the room precipitously.

Happy Big Word day!

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Auctions! Exciting? Ebay – everyone’s pouncing at it

In the Neanderthal period of the Internet, when everything ‘internet related’ was worth 50 times it’s commercial value, no one understood it’s real value, compared to bricks and mortar businesses. Anyone who had computer programming experience was writing software programs for the internet.

Online auctions were the buzz because rather than someone just searching for a product to buy, contacting the seller and then negotiating over the phone (like we all used to do with the Trading Post … “tell’em they’re joking about that price”), online auctions made you come back to the website time and time again to see if you’d won the auction.

Ebay used some fantastic, “operate your own business” campaigns to make ordinary people realise that they could operate a business from home just by selling unwanted items and as a result bulk sellers make about 80% of all sales in online auctions. This is where we meet the next fork in the road for online auctions. Ebay with it’s market clout is trying to force all their sellers to use only Paypal as the method of payment, PayPal is an online payment system owned by Ebay.

In view of this turmoil, other online auction websites are promoting themselves like ravens to get some of the spoils of this turmoil and one of the biggest launches is that of Telstra owned business, Sensis, which owns the Trading Post (an other big Australian online portals like the Yellow and White pages).

If you want to check out some other online auctions here is a list: 

and a new service that is currently going to be launched: 

One more thing that you might like to know is that almost anyone can now start an online auction website because the software that allows you to create is available for free! Yes, the Open Source movement has created many software programs that take all the hard work out of setting up and auction site of your own…. all you have to do is add products.

Happy buying and selling