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Congratulations! What’s next?

EzyLearn Office Admin Course student testimonials

Is your name on this list?

I want to thank the following students for choosing EzyLearn and graduating from their Office Admin and Bookkeeping short courses.

At this point we don’t speak with some students again because they have the new skills they want and they use them to find work or do better in their jobs. That is a sad part of the training business for me.

Some students take advantage of our Career Academy services and stay around to get exposure to employers and other students.

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How To Get Discovered By Local Employers

Local Awareness Digital Marketing for Bookkeeping Academy members - find a local bookkeeper - EzyLearn

For small businesses bookkeeping isn’t a full time job. It’s often something done by the owner themselves or their partner in life and these people are not usually that good at it – PLUS they’re family and that throws up all sorts of issues and resentments.

Wives, girlfriends, partners and friends are often chosen as the small business bookkeeper because they are either cheap or trustworthy but that isn’t always a good reason to “use” them.

Many bookkeeping jobs are part time, casual or contract jobs because they only require a few hours to a day a week to do and that is why so many students start a bookkeeping business. A big problem with this approach is lack of skills in marketing and sales but the Bookkeeping Academy can help.

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Reduce Debt, Cut Expenses, Up-Skill, Increase Income

EzyLearn Online Accounting, Office Admin & Digital Marketing Tutor

Are these the words going through your head right now? Probably the topic of lots of conversations too with all these interest rate rises we’ve been having.

One of our students got help from a debt negotiator and they do an effective job but they have to make money for the work they do. One of the biggest is called MyBudget. You can achieve a similar outcome yourself with some good spreadsheet skills and the courage to sit down and work out all your financial affairs you can do it yourself. There’s even an official government website that has a lot of free tools.

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