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How To Get Discovered By Local Employers

Local Awareness Digital Marketing for Bookkeeping Academy members - find a local bookkeeper - EzyLearn

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

For small businesses bookkeeping isn’t a full time job. It’s often something done by the owner themselves or their partner in life and these people are not usually that good at it – PLUS they’re family and that throws up all sorts of issues and resentments.

Wives, girlfriends, partners and friends are often chosen as the small business bookkeeper because they are either cheap or trustworthy but that isn’t always a good reason to “use” them.

Many bookkeeping jobs are part time, casual or contract jobs because they only require a few hours to a day a week to do and that is why so many students start a bookkeeping business. A big problem with this approach is lack of skills in marketing and sales but the Bookkeeping Academy can help.

Bookkeeping Academy for MYOB & Xero Course Graduates

Bookkeeping Academy membership combines specialist training on the newest apps/integrations and bookkeeping niches. More importantly for those looking to start a bookkeeping business is the low cost digital profile and local awareness marketing.

Bookkeeping Academy to find accounting jobs. Learn how to use MYOB and Xero with online training courses - Employer Recognised and Industry Accredited.

Digital marketing and sales is difficult for a lot of bookkeepers because it involves talking and often negotiating with people about the work involved and the hourly charge out rate. Unlike a bookkeeping job where there are set wages, contract bookkeepers can often charge whatever they want – as long as the clients are willing to pay.

Most of us find what we’re looking for online using Google so if your details come up in the Google Search Results you’re in the running to be contacted regarding bookkeeping work.

Local Awareness Marketing

I hear you saying, “but I want to work online and from my own home so why do I need to get discovered by LOCAL businesses”? The truth is that most people want to know that you can come into the office if needed or from time to time but are happy for you to work from home if you don’t need to come in.

When it comes to troubleshooting issues with their accounts or one to one teaching, most business owners prefer to know that someone can come to their office if needed.

The thing about local digital marketing is that you need to build your own website and fill it with good content for Google to even consider showing it in their search result.

With the Bookkeeping Academy you don’t need that because you’ll get listed on a website that already gets a lot of “organic” website traffic from Google.

Become an MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Expert

Unless you are management material and show initiative and do your own research and learning you might sit at work un-noticed as you go through your daily workload. Some employees sit at their desk and wait to be told what to do and as a result don’t get noticed for promotions or career progression.

Professional bookkeeper and online WordPress training course and hosting

If you are a junior bookkeeper you’re less likely to recommend software or share information about new apps that can save time and money but with the specialist bookkeeper training you’ll have the confidence to use and recommend popular apps.

As an MYOB and Xero expert you’ll become a source of information which can help business owners manage their accounts more efficiently and profitably and that makes you valuable.

Xero has made the accounting industry “trendy” and you can see that in the thousands of dollars that professional bookkeepers spend on their regular Xero Conventions or Xerocons.

You can learn just as much if not more by reading their blogs, announcements and share announcements.

Ongoing training and support is available to members of the Bookkeeping Academy so you can spend a fraction of the price yet maintain a competent understanding of what is happening with software, regulations and in the bookkeeping industry in general.

See what is included in Bookkeeping Academy membership and inquire to qualify.

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