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FREE Courses for Business Owners/Manager who enrol into MYOB & Xero and Excel Courses

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

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When you already know some basic office admin skills you can improve your career prospects by upskilling and learning more advanced skills. This is something that YOU have control over and can change. When you choose to learn more about Microsoft Office or Bookkeeping and choose a COMPLETE course package you also get access to the FREE Student Inclusions for Business Owners/Managers.

Business Owners is the term we use for students who are running or managing a business and want to systemise their business as well as become more productive by using more software programs.

Receipt Capture and Storage

If the business where you are working doesn’t use Receipt Scanning Technology to keep a digital record of receipts you must let them know about it! Xero have been pushing receipt scanning for a long time, particularly since they purchased Hubdoc and include receipt scanning in the monthly subscription. If you are an MYOB user you’ll find these features available to you with their software too.

Android & iPhone picture tax invoices and receipts to MYOB Essentials using MYOB Intray and Capture App - EzyLearn Online Training Courses

The other software company that specialises in Receipt scanning, capture and storage is Dext (formerly called Receipt Bank) and Dext was arguably one of the first movers in the industry.

You can learn all of these software programs and how to use these three software programs in the Receipt Capture Training Course. If you enrol into a Complete course to learn how to use Xero, MYOB or Microsoft Office Excel or Word and you’re a Career Builder this course is available to you for FREE.

IF you’re any EzyLearn student but haven’t accessed this course just reply to this email to let our support team know and we’ll get you enrolled into it for free.

See FREE Courses for Business Owners/Managers.

Basic Bookkeeping Course

If you are an office admin worker or you work in reception and want to learn more about bookkeeping basics, including terminology, then the Basic Bookkeeping Course will give you these skills.


Bookkeeping is not that scary and with some knowledge and confidence there are many daily tasks which can be performed for most businesses. Part of the daily transactions which office staff can perform is data entry for the receipt of payments from customers, invoices received from suppliers and even simple tasks like handling phone calls with both customers and suppliers.

A lot of the basic bookkeeping tasks that DON’T require advanced bookkeeping skills relate to late payments and credit management.

Enrol into the Microsoft Office Academy Complete Course package or even Excel Complete or Word Complete and the Bookkeeping Basics Course is available to you for free.

Learn more about the Basic Bookkeeping Course

Manage your time, messages and tasks

I was recently reading about how having the discipline to perform regular useful tasks is more important than finding the motivation to do them. In other words, scheduling tasks that are good for you and help you achieve your goals is better than waiting for the motivation to do so. The obvious example is exercise but it can also be “study time” or a weekly goal to review your tasks for the week.

Microsoft-Outlook-Training-Course-for-email-communications-meetings-scheduling-achieving-goals. FREE with Xero Courses, MYOB Courses and Microsoft Excel courses

In our office we schedule goals for each team member each week and then review them at the end of the week to see which tasks spill over to the next week. All of these tasks can be performed using Microsoft Outlook.

I probably OVER USE the calendar feature because I enter a calendar entry for EVERYTHING that I schedule for myself. I also include details about the event and an address if I need to be somewhere. I do this because I can then just click a button on my calendar to bring up Google Maps to get directions to where I’m going.

Keeping track of tasks is also a great way to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

The Microsoft Outlook Training Course is another FREE Student Inclusion for Business Owners/Managers.

Build Online Forms using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a convenient way to create form for your business. There are many different uses which you can learn about within the Microsoft Forms course and once you start you’ll find lots of other uses for an online form.

Online forms are a must for business owners and managers so it’s a FREE Student Inclusions

Selling is Solving Problems

Do you get terrified with the thought of having to make more sales for your business. I’ve seen normal, experienced and qualified people turn to jelly when they are told that they need to make sales calls. They think that selling is pushing a product onto someone who doesn’t want it or need it – that is wrong.

Selling Academy Sales Training Courses logo

Good sales people understand that they are in business to solve customers problems and do things that their customers don’t want to do – that is why they are willing to pay for it.

The Selling Academy course goes through the negative aspects of selling and shows you how sales is really just the process that people go through when they try to figure out the problems a customer is facing and then offering the best solution or product to help them.

Get the Sales Training Course with the Business Owner/Manager Free Student Inclusions

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