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QuickBooks Payroll brand is changing to Employment Hero

Employment Hero owns KeyPay - workforce management training courses and employee benefits, loyalty and team building - EzyLearn

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Intuit revealed the name change to their QuickBooks Payroll customers today as part of an acquisition of KeyPay owner by Employment Hero.

If all that didn’t make sense the only real change here is that KeyPay will be rebranded as Employment Hero. Employment Hero has been around since 2014 and purchased KeyPay owner, Webscale Pty Ltd in 2021.

The messy part of this from my perspective is that Intuit, who owns Tsheets is now depending on Employment Here for their payroll solution. It also means that we now have an Employment Hero training course 🙂

Report of bad customer service from Employment Hero

Funnily enough I was just speaking with one of our course graduates two weeks ago about Employment Hero and her feedback was very negative. In the example that our graduate gave the company she works for had an issue with the software and relied upon Employment Hero to fix the problem, which they didn’t do.

Employment Hero takes care of the Timesheets, leave and expenses for our graduates employer while they are using Xero for Payroll. I can’t go into the details now but I can share that the issue our graduate had was with a particular member of staff who talked down to them and it sounded similar to this very negative review I found online. Not only were they condescending but the issue that the company had has never been resolved even after Employment Hero charged professional services fees to resolve the issue.

This story will unfold as I find out more information but it seemed uncanny that Employment Hero has come up several times in the last month.

Employment Hero is an Aussie success

On the flipside Employment Hero seems to be doing a great job for enough small businesses for them to reach the 200,000 mark. Ben Thompson is a smart guy when it comes to Employment Law because he has been involved in that industry as a lawyer for over 2 decades. Ben’s LinkedIn profile also gives away the fact that he was an early investor in KeyPay so it makes sense that they ended up acquiring the business.

What’s most interesting about Employment Hero is the depth of investors backing them – there are some real heavyweight investors such as Seek. Other investors include local venture capital firms OneVentures and AirTree as well as AMP Ventures and these companies invested back in 2018.

Employee Loyalty and Benefits

older workers mature age employees startup bookkeeping business_comp

I’ve witnessed some team building activities lately and it’s fascinating to see what some employers are doing for their staff to help them connect with other employees. This comes after all the lockdowns and isolation we experienced with Covid19 but also because of the flighty nature of the current young generation who hop and skip from one job to another.

Team building and team loyalty is important for employers because it reduces the cost of churn associated with off-boarding employees as they leave and onboarding and training up new employees.

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The major accounting firms know the importance of workforce management and human resources apps and integrations. They are already acquiring software programs that integrate with their own software and with feature rich software such as Planday it will be interesting to see who buys who in the medium term.

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