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Who really cares?

Who cares if you have an Advanced Certificate in MYOB and Xero - Online Xero & MYOB courses with practical tasks - EzyLearn

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Our courses all come with a Certificate upon completion but do you really think employers want to see the certificate? Don’t get me wrong a certificate is evidence that you have completed your studies not evidence that you’re the best person for any job you apply for.

I was speaking with someone recently who asked how our certificate compares to another training companies certificate. Their course was cheaper but our team could not even find detailed information about what was included in their course!

In the end an employer will be making a decision about you as a whole of a lot of little compartments and you’re better off speaking about your confidence using Xero or Excel rather than the certificate you got.

Lots of practical exercises and detail

When you look at the “course outline” and see a list of skills or features that are included in a course it can just mean that there is a video that covers that topic- there training done, right? No way!! You need to open up an Excel exercise file and actually make those changes yourself – several times ideally to even begin to understand how the feature works, let alone talk confidently about it.

Advanced Certificate MYOB and Xero Training Course

If you’re a beginner learning how to use Xero you’ll definitely want to sign up for a Xero account (no cost), have setup a business, created some products and created some invoices at the least. If you are serious about being a confident Xero user you’ll want to have performed all the daily and weekly tasks you would perform for a business including:

  • creating quotes,
  • converting quotes to invoices
  • receiving part payments and over payments
  • creating Purchase Orders
  • receiving stock
  • making payments for invoices
  • entering expenses

All of these tasks are covered in our Certificate in Xero for Daily Transactions Course and once you’ve performed these tasks you can reconcile the accounts for the month.

Practical Xero Skills vs Bookkeeping Compliance Training

Nationally Accredited-Certificate-IVin-Bookkeeping-online-training-course

A Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting is the minimum training requirements to become a Registered BAS agent but the important skills covered in that course are NOT necessarily about how to use MYOB and Xero confidently but rather

  • what your obligations are to the ATO,
  • what the legal frameworks are,
  • who you report information to,
  • what steps you take at the end of a period
  • the procedures to take for regular tasks

I’ve spoke to many Registered BAS agents and accountants over the years and most of them don’t like employing graduates who’ve just received their Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting because these graduates often expect senior bookkeeping roles.

Bookkeeping Academy to find accounting jobs. Learn how to use MYOB and Xero with online training courses - Employer Recognised and Industry Accredited.

That’s why we offer the Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting in a combination with our Bookkeeping Academy Complete TRIO MYOB and Xero Course package.

In reality most of the real bookkeeping work involves:

  • fixing reconciliation issues,
  • getting receipts (if clients don’t use Hubdoc or Dext),
  • doing accurate data entry
  • chasing up late payers
  • making sure timesheets, holiday leave and sick leave entries are accurate

How can we express the level of detail?

It can be hard to convey the level of detail in EzyLearn courses to new students but when we get great feedback like we have recently from Amelia Whitacker who lives in Noble Park Victoria, we know that our hard work has paid off – thank you Amelia!

The detail of the tasks was amazing it is a great in depth course that I enjoyed completing. I already have 2 friends that will sign up once they complete the cert 4 in bookkeeping.

Amelia Whitaker, Noble Park graduated with Advanced Certificate in Xero (Xero Complete Course)

Real confidence using software comes from using software like Xero just as you would in a normal office and this means the hard stuff too.

When you have to troubleshoot to find why the books don’t balance at the end of the month or find out which transaction is coded incorrectly you become a confident Xero user. Our real life case studies are designed to give you that confidence.


In the Beginners Payroll Certificate in Xero and MYOB you learn how to use payroll in the perfect world and it’s a good introduction to how things should work. You’ll learn about these payroll tasks in our hairdressing salon case study.

In the Advanced Payroll Course you delve into the trickier parts of payroll – the parts that are time consuming, confusing and more complicated. These tasks will help you talk confidently and with true understanding when an employer asks you about your payroll skills.

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