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Join the Bookkeeping Academy as a member to improve your personal brand and get online exposure for bookkeeping and office administration work.

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Bookkeeper Database + Public Profile

Your details will be entered into our Bookkeeper database and a public profile will be created for you. With over 25 years experience in helping students learn how to use office administration and bookkeeping software we have become well known as a source of bookkeepers.

Membership to the Bookkeeping Academy will help you stand out to potential employers as well as small businesses looking for a bookkeeper.

If a potential employer likes the information on your profile they’ll reach out to use and we’ll connect you!

Becoming a Bookkeeping Academy member is the cheapest way of getting online exposure for bookkeeping work.

Get Career Support

As a member you receive support from our team about job requirements and how to present yourself for job vacancies.


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