Microsoft Excel COMPLETE Training Course ($20 per week)

This Microsoft Excel Beginners to Advanced Training Course package includes:

  • Training video tutorials
  • 9 Excel training manuals and workbooks (PDF downloads)
  • dozens of exercise files to practice with
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Excel Advanced Certificate after completion

Estimated Completion Time: 40 hours

Access: Unlimited access and 12 months to complete

Cost: $20 per week for 15 weeks ($12 establishment fee)


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Microsoft Excel Beginners’ Essentials training courses

    • Open, understand and create spreadsheets
    • Create & edit cells, columns and rows
    • Formulas, functions and formatting

Microsoft Excel Intermediate training courses

    • Viewing, scaling, print areas and printing
    • Headings, areas, x & y axis, charts and graphing
    • Percentage, cell referencing, complex formulas

Microsoft Excel Advanced training courses

    • Database, filter/sort, named ranges
    • Pivot tables, 3D formulas, advanced functions
    • Goal Seek, Data Consolidation and Solver
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