Microsoft Excel COMPLETE Training Course ($20 per week)

This Microsoft Excel Beginners to Advanced Training Course package includes:

  • Training video tutorials
  • 9 Excel training manuals and workbooks (PDF downloads)
  • dozens of exercise files to practice with
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Excel Advanced Certificate after completion

Estimated Completion Time: 40 hours

Access: Unlimited access and 12 months to complete

Cost: $20 per week for 15 weeks ($12 establishment fee)


Breaking News & Updates

MYOB Essentials software continues to evolve rapidly. Our course materials for this training course have been updated in January 2021 to reflect recent changes.…

Last week from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Twitter Web App

Microsoft Excel Beginners’ Essentials training courses

    • Open, understand and create spreadsheets
    • Create & edit cells, columns and rows
    • Formulas, functions and formatting

Microsoft Excel Intermediate training courses

    • Viewing, scaling, print areas and printing
    • Headings, areas, x & y axis, charts and graphing
    • Percentage, cell referencing, complex formulas

Microsoft Excel Advanced training courses

    • Database, filter/sort, named ranges
    • Pivot tables, 3D formulas, advanced functions
    • Goal Seek, Data Consolidation and Solver
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