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writing a resume for an MYOB bookkeeping jobI recently wrote about resumes and social media that is being used by people to help them find employment and I touched on the topic of Linkedin. Of all the social media tools available to you, LinkedIn might be the best to focus on because it has all the tools available in social media (like recommendations, professional profile and education and more) and it is focussed on people and their professional connections and careers.

Michelle Hammond wrote an interesting article for SmartStartup way back in 2010 about “over-used” phrases in resumes and here’s the key phrases from that article:

According to LinkedIn, the three most overused terms are “extensive experience”, “innovative” and “motivated”, followed by “results oriented”, “dynamic” and “proven track record”. Rounding out the list are “team player”, “fast paced”, “problem solver” and “entrepreneurial”.

This view is backed up by our own resident resume writing expert Nicholas, former CEO of a UK based head-hunter who confirmed that “overselling stands out a mile when you are the person having to go through hundreds of resumes for each position. What really makes a difference is when you go into a little detail about what changes you contributed in your last position or some other specific information that the resume reader can delve into and explore a little more. It’s got to be real because a conversation can often evolve from what you write

If you are compiling a resume for your own job seeking efforts make sure you demonstrate some sound information about the evolving legislation around BAS agents and information about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for bookkeeping professionals.

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