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Advanced skills in MS Word are virtually mandatory if you're providing detailed proposals or complex documents

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Microsoft Excel Gantt Charts Help You Map Out a New Project

Project plans and gantt chart templates in Microsoft Excel 2016 training courses onlineIf you are from the corporate world and you’ve needed to project manage a new implementation of something like a staff induction system, a new computer system, change in procedure you’ve probably used a project plan which highlights:

  • People involved
  • Communications strategy
  • Tasks to complete
  • Due date
  • Other resources required
  • Dependencies, etc

These plans can be huge and detailed and just like writing complicated tender proposals they require a good, thorough knowledge of some of the more advanced tools available in Microsoft Word. Despite all of the complexity you can display the stages, timeframes and dependencies using a Gantt chart and you can now do this using a template file in the latest version of Microsoft Excel. We are currently reviewing each of our courses in readiness for the creation of new content for these courses and we discovered this tool in the latest version of Microsoft Excel.

Other tools to help create Gantt charts

We use Smartsheet to managed detailed Gantt charts (where the dependencies can change regularly) and BaseCamp (a popular project management tool) to not only keep track of all the tasks, but also enable all team members to make comment, start discussions and mark their jobs complete. The downfall with these programs is they either cost money (and the price increases as you add team members) and you have to learn a whole new system, so it’s good to have a simple tool that’s included in a program you probably already have – Microsoft Excel.

We’ve used these project management tools to manage all the steps in the process of:

Gantt charts enable us to systemise the process as well as enable remote workers to understand how the work they do fits into the framework of all the other tasks which need to be performed.

Microsoft Excel and Gantt Charts

In first looking at the Gantt Chart template file that is available in the latest version of Microsoft Excel it is fairly rudimentary and based on monthly milestones. If you are an existing Gantt chart user this might seem to basic, but it is fantastic if you want an introduction to them. I’ve used them as a tool to help identify why a staff members task is important and needs to be completed by a certain date and if you are struggling to meet deadlines because you’re counting on the work from other people this might be a great tool to help you work smarter and manage people better.

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