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Use social bookmarking and email referrals to make yourself popular

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Do you have a website? Want visitors to tell their friends about it? Social Bookmarking is the new way of spreading the word about your website (ie. business). I wrote an article in July 2008 (click here to see) about how quickly word can spread, especially when website visitors can let all their friends know about your website using websites like Facebook, MySpace and other not so well known but still important websites like, etc. After hours of research I have found some websites that give you the power to incorporate this type of functionality into your website. Before I go on though, take a look at At the top left corner there is a button which says, Bookmark, if you move your mouse to it a list of options appear and you can click on any social bookmarking site you want. This functionality is made available to use through There is another site I’ve come across which provides a similar service and it’s called The great feature about these services is that you can register for free, then copy and paste some html code into your website quickly and easily with very little need for javascripts of other programming scripts. If you use the 123ezy website system, you can simply copy and paste the html code into your website and then allow your website visitors to tell their friends (via social bookmarking or email referral) about your website.   If you get stuck using this new service and you have a 123ezy website, please feel free to contact me and I can set it up and put the code into your website for you. 

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