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MYOB Payroll – Employee Payment transaction video

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

The EzyLearn offer to MYOB students is simple. One price for access to all training resources (videos, workbooks and knowledge reviews) in a 12 month period including new updates. The MYOB Payroll course is part of and it’s now ready for paying students to enrol. Included in this blog post is the 4th of 5 videos in part 1 of the course launched today.

This part of the course takes you through the sample company data file to highlight and explain how to navigate around and get information about employees, wages and other payroll categories, pay slips (Pay advices), pay cheques and other transaction information relating to Payroll.

If you are not already enrolled into the course you can choose the

  1. Full Access enrolment (no certificate), or
  2. Full Access enrolment (including assessment and certificate)

Enrol today!

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