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Advanced Excel Tip: IF Statements

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course - Sales Commission IF - intro

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Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course - Sales Commission IF - intro

IF Statements are what is called a LOGICAL test, such as is this value larger than this, if true do (or display) this, if false then do (or display) that. IF statements can be used for a lot of different things and all of them save you having to manual go through the data and perform the calculations themselves.

These are some examples of how IF statement can be used:

= IF (Question eg B17>B16, do this, otherwise do this)

OR, if you want to show text

=IF(Question eg B17>B16, “Text if correct”, “Text if incorrect”)

OR if you want to perform a calculation

=IF(Question eg B17>B16, if yes multiply sales by 2%, if not multiply sales by 1.5%)

We’ve attached the file that we used to create the image in this blog post so you can open the file and see the formulas that we have entered into cells D7 and E7. Click on each cell to see the formula. See if you can duplicate these values down each column.

Excel exercise file: Sales Commission IF – Intro

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