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MYOB Training Q&A: Printing Cheques using MYOB

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MYOB Training Online - Printing cheques
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We recently introduced the EzyLearn Q&A service for our MYOB online training course students to give you more specific answers to your MYOB questions. The service is available for existing EzyLearn students only and there is no extra cost for this service. If you are an existing student and you need an answer to an MYOB question please feel free to use the service!

One of our students in Perth is having some issues printing cheques and the bookkeeper for their organisation is being a little cagey with the information so we jumped in to help.

In a nutshell you need to make sure that whether you create a cheque from the banking module or the Purchases module, you need to ensure that when your payment is entered that it is NOT marked as printed. So that when you do search for Cheques to be printed the one you want will show up.

Keep the questions coming and stay tuned to the EzyLearn blog (register to receive them automatically) to see what MYOB Online Training students are looking for.

If you are an existing student simply follow this link to see the Printing Cheques using MYOB training guide we created to answer the question. Just log in with your student login details.

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