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Will Your Smart Phone Become Your Future Computer?

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Office applications on a smartphone in the cloudMANY OF US are already using our smartphones in ways that overlap with our PCs and laptops.

For instance, when we looked at Google Analytics to see our blog readership stats, we found that a good number of you are reading this on your smart phones.

Smart phones have so permeated our lives and become so powerful that it’s little wonder they could become much more.

There’s talk about smartphones becoming your electronic wallet (or at least your credit card). Then there’s Ubuntu, a company that make software that helps your “Android” smartphone become a computer. Of course, right now many of us already use “the cloud” to communicate, write letters and much more.

We spend a lot of time looking at new technology and thought you would be interested in this cutting edge technology.

Apple or Android?

Although the Apple iPhone is the market leader that everyone talks about, some of our team members, including myself, use an Android-based phone. I find this preferable as it’s easy and has live integration with Google Apps (ie. gmail).

The great thing about companies that manufacture Android-based smartphones is that they are building in HDMI, USB and other great connectivity features that enable this type of technology.

It’s a beautiful example of convergence in technology.


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