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New You, New Business Startup?

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Now is the time to explore new startup opportunities

Dreaming about setting up a new business startup

As the end any year approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and frivolity of summer, by enjoying the few weeks of the holidays in the sun with friends and family. But it’s also a really great time to think about your career plans for the new year.

If you follow this blog regularly, then you may already be aware that EzyLearn has launched a new service called the StartUp Academy.

The goal of the StartUp Academy is to help people launch and operate their own home-based businesses, supported by our network of successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Opportunities are aplenty

By partnering with a number of other businesses, the StartUp Academy has a number of business opportunities available, spanning a variety of industries and occupations that include, Remote IT Services and Telephone Systems, Bookkeeping, and Website Creation and Online Marketing.

If you come onboard with the StartUp Academy, you’ll receive full training in the field of your choice, as well as small business management training to ensure you’re fully prepared to operate and manage your own home-based business.

Under each of the opportunities offered by the StartUp Academy, you’ll operate your business as an independent contractor (we’ll show you how to set up as a independent contractor, too), from your own home office and claim the costs of having your home office, Internet etc.

We know starting is hard, but we want to make it easier

We launched the StartUp Academy because we know that for most people, the biggest barrier to starting a business is that there’s no support. You have to go it alone, and that’s scary. Many of the small business owners we’ve spoken to confirmed this. They told us that they wouldn’t have made it if they hadn’t had someone to support and give them guidance.

So that’s what the StartUp Academy aims to do: support and give you guidance as you start your own home-based business. You don’t have to feel afraid or alone, because we want you to succeed in your endeavours, as much as you do.

Have a think about what your plans will be next year, and if you think 2016 is the year you should start your own business, browse some of the current business opportunities and get in contact with the team at the StartUp Academy.

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