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Are you saying the wrong things?

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Sales is an interesting thing. It involves skills which don’t seem to be well defined enough to create a qualification for – You don’t see a Diploma in Sales or a Cert IV in Sales do you?

Sales is also a topic that scares some people who feel it invovles pushing things upon people who don’t want them but that is not the case.

The most important step in the sales process is called Qualifying and it helps a sales person understand if the person they are talking to really needs what they have available for sale.

The most important part of qualifying a prospect is to have a list of questions that you can use in a conversatino style to ascertain if that person is an ideal client.

Sounds simple but most business don’t know what an ideal client is!

Finding and Getting Ideal Clients is a course designed for bookkeepers who are looking for work but it can be applied by any business that needs advertising and sales!

Bark, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and even Google Ads are a waste of money

If you are not sure what to say to the people who respond to your ads then the more money you spend on advertising the more money you’re going to waste.

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So many business owners want more website visitors and more traffic when in reality their business can earn more money by defining what an ideal client looks like and empowering their staff with the right questions to identify them when they make contact.

If you just want people to contact you your sales people will end up having lots of conversations with people who are looking for answers but don’t really want or need what you offer.

What should I be asking

Sales is more about asking questions than it is about talking to people. If you are receiving calls from people who ask lots of questions but don’t end up using your services you haven’t planned your sales and marketing property.


Learn how to

  • identify an ideal client,
  • what to put in your advertisements and then
  • which questions to ask to identify your ideal client – then watch the sales come in.

The Finding and Getting Ideal Clients is the result of hundreds of conversations with bookkeepers, BAS Agents and accountants who are looking for work and clients and the prospects who have inquired for their services.

Students spend hundreds of dollars on Xero Training and MYOB but often fail to find work because they don’t know what to say to prospective employers or clients.

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