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Do I need to be a bookkeeper or have accounting experience to learn Xero and MYOB?


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We receive a lot of inquiries from students who are interested in changing careers to do accounting work or become a bookkeeper and you DO need to know about bookkeeping to do this work.

That is why we include basic bookkeeping training in our Xero and MYOB Complete training courses. The Basic Bookkeeping Training Manual is available to all EzyLearn bookkeeping course students.


This training manual goes through and explains common transaction types that relate to:

  • Assets,
  • Liabilities,
  • Income, and
  • Expenses

You don’t need bookkeeping knowledge to do an EzyLearn Xero or MYOB Course

Apart from the bonus Basic Bookkeeping training manual the reason you don’t need to have prior bookkeeping knowledge is because we lead you through all the transactions in a logical, well explained course.

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We’ll show you step-by-step how to perform the bookkeeping transaction you’ll enter when you work for an employer.

One of the hardest things about creating an accounting course is designing the flow of transactions for students to enter to ensure that they receive comprehensive knowledge. We’ve been refining our office admin and bookkeeping courses for over 25 years using case studies of different business types and with the help of our humorous business owner, Jerry Lame.

Watch some video testimonials from EzyLearn students to see how easy it is to learn Xero and MYOB.

Learning bookkeeping can be fun and we try to combine serious knowledge with humorous and REAL case studies of what really goes on in many businesses.

Bookkeeping Academy MYOB & Xero Courses

MYOB and Xero are completely different software programs and MYOB has several versions! For the most comprehensive bookkeeping training we offer these courses in a combination package and at a discounted price.

Bookkeeping Academy courses also include an online listing to help you get discovered by local businesses and employers.

See the MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Course Combinations

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