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Microsoft is pushing McAfee down my throat

McAfee warning on new Microsoft Windows Laptop popping up all the time - Master Microsoft Office online courses

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I bought a new laptop recently and one thing is frustrating my like crazy. It’s only a small thing and easy to just click away but how many times do I have to do it!?

The ads for McAfee protection is what I’m talking about and I thought that one click to say “No, thank you” would be enough but it keeps coming up and it looks scary.

Microsoft partner with thousands of companies to leverage their command of the operating system market but how bad can this get? It’s enough that they are pushing their new “same as Chrome” browser to compete with Google Chrome but here are some of the examples that just keep popping up.

Surely new Windows Laptop buyers shouldn’t have to deal with this every day or so!

McAfee warning on new Microsoft Windows Laptop popping up all the time - Master Microsoft Office online courses
First message which appeared on new Windows Laptop from Dell
Last change or Accept the risk
Time is still running out
Another 4 days? Seriously?
How can you be allowed to add the McAfee extension to Google Chrome!!

Maybe it’s Dell I should be complaining about?

The laptop I purchased is a Dell and you can see that McAfee is recommended by Dell in some of these messages.

What you should realise is that I have NEVER clicked anything to say I consent to these message or want to use McAfee but they keep appearing.

The worst part of this saga is that McAfee now appear to have installed itself as an extension in my Google Chrome browser!

If there is a Government body or some organisation that allows you to vote to stop this constant bombarding of advertising messages please let me know because this is just over the top.

We seems to simple go with the notion that we should just accept these ads and just swipe them away but doing so is like swatting flies away around a BBQ in the middle of summer.

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