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Do you have tender writing and advanced Microsoft Word skills?

Tenders help building and contractor companies win new clients

Mat from Ultraflow talking about tendering for work for small business sales and marketing coursesThe sales stages for wining new business in the building and construction industry can be a lengthy process that starts with specification and design. An architect will create a design from meetings with clients and gradually this design will turn into a multi-million dollar building that functions perfectly but how does the builder find the right team and resources? By tendering out the work.

Is tendering a sales, marketing or procurement process?

sales training - tendering process to win new clients and businessI was speaking with Mat, the Managing Director of UltraFlow Siphonics for our Small Business Marketing and Small Business Sales Courses and he mentioned to me that they could literally be doing tenders every hour of every day. He mentioned that there are many different tendering portals where small (or larger) businesses can register and tender for the work that is available and that the key to a successful tender strategy is to narrow down the tenders you go for to one where your business is suited.

When a retailer sells a widget in a shop, that widget is clearly defined and the buying process is often quick and even impulsive but larger works use the tender process to clearly define what they are looking for and try to flush out as many bidders as possible. When the bidders are identified the goal for the organisation offering the tender is to get the best possible result at the cheapest possible price – weighing every aspect of the tender of course.

Go for tenders that meet the sweet spot criteria for your companies capabilities so you can perform them efficiently and profitably

Strong Microsoft Word skills are important

It is important to have excellent Microsoft Word skills if you are a tender writer because tender documents are long and often very detailed. Sometimes the tender documents are provided by the offerer and it’s important to be able to move around the tender document swiftly. Our Microsoft Word course includes every skill level from Beginners to Advanced so unlike some training companies which make you choose between one course or another we include everything.

Common Microsoft Word tools used in long and detailed documents are

  • Styles (covered in our Microsoft Word Advanced Course) – enable you to format areas of text quickly and keep that formatting consistent through the document. Much like the headings on our website pages and in our workbooks.
  • Table of Contents (Advanced Word Course) – enables you to quickly insert a table of contents based on heading styles that can automatically update the pages.
  • Document Map – enables you to quickly navigate long documents using heading styles
  • Sections and Breaks – ensure that main headings are on new pages and enable you to have selected pages print in landscape rather than portrait.

Australian Government resources for tendering

Here are some sites that have information about the tendering process to win government work:

Federal Government

Tenders Website

Commonwealth Contracting Suite

State Governments

New South Wales: Small to Medium Business Suppliers

Victoria: supplying to Victorian Government

Queensland: Tips for writing successful tender bids for Qld Government

South Australia: Standard Tender and Contract Documents for SA

Are you an experienced tender writer?

If you have experience writing tender documents for companies to win business we’d like to hear from you to get your perspective. I’m currently working on interviews with successful business owners for our small business courses and if you are Sydney-based there is an opportunity to contribute to our course and build your online profile at the same time. If you fit the description send an email to (you MUST be Australian based and ideally from Sydney).